Amanda and Michael Got Married! Dec. 14, 2009

The Coy family celebrated yet another wedding. This time, it was Bryan’s sister Amanda aka Shieky Nora..(If you know Bryan, you won’t have to ask whats up with the name).  Just four months after our nuptials and one month after Grant and Cathryn’s, we welcomed more family to the bunch with Michael!  I think our parents are emotionally and financially exhausted 🙂  What an experience this past year with our three engagements, three weddings and new family.  Our parents have held up so very gracefully.  Good change to existing families, but change none the less…

Amanda was a beautiful bride.  Gorgeous dress! Michael was a handsome groom. Their wedding was flawless and such a blast.  One of the coolest things at the wedding was the snow machine that went off a few times on the dance floor. Amanda swears that was a Randy special request.

Just a week or so before Christmas, it was cold outside, but not too cold for a wedding at Crossing’s new chapel (that was beautiful) and a reception at Gaillardia.  We got to see the Groove Merchants again, who played at our wedding in August. Those guys are awesome!  Michael and Amanda are going to the Bahamas for their honeymoon after the holiday.

Cheers to new family and wonderful new beginnings!!! You both deserve all life’s many blessings…

Pics to come soon!

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