Viva Las Vegas!

Weekend before last (Feb 4-7) we ventured to Sin City with our good friends Charles and Ashley Warne.  It was a great trip that only left us ready to plan our trip back!  Everyone’s first question when you come back from Vegas is, “Did you win?”  Fortunately, I think Bryan and I equaled out our winnings and losings enough to enjoy some wonderful dinners, two great shows and left at ease knowing that we did NOT have to put up the note for the house!  Just kidding.  We stayed at the beautiful Bellagio, which we have both never stayed there before.  Food was excellent.  I am getting accustomed to great seafood like lobster and salmon on our vacations.  Little spoiled I know 🙂   We did the typical walking all up and down the strip with the Warnes.  This was their first trip to Vegas so we had to show them the ropes!  The day left our feet and legs feeling very tired, but luckily our hotel was so amazing that it was great to just spend the evening indoors.

We saw comedian Frank Caliendo on Friday night at the Monte Carlo.  He was fantastic.  Juggled about five or so impersonations.  We liked Charles Barkley the best.  We went to see KA at MGM on Saturday night and that was pretty cool.  Lots of Cirque de marital arts as I would call it.  We ventured to old downtown to the Fairmont and Golden Nugget.  It poured cats and dogs that day.  Vegas got massive amounts of rain and all the locals were sort of freaking out since it never rains there.  Of course, we were enjoying the 50 degree weather since it has snowed off and on for weeks in Oklahoma so a little rain did not bother us at all.

We left on Sunday morning with our wallets a little lighter, bellies a little more full and great memories with some great friends! Can’t wait to go back.

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