Learning about the triplets…Part II

So, to continue our day on August 26. It is now roughly 12:30 or so. I am still pulling myself together over the fact that there are three babies growing inside of me at the same time. They inform us that Dr. Hall wants to see us again, today. So, we go back to Lakeside and have a consultation with her.

I hug her and first thing I ask is, “How typical is this situation?” Then she lays on me. “Well, Stephanie, you are only the second patient I have had in 15 years with natural triplets.” I am not sure if we feel special just yet, too many questions, too many unknowns.

Then she informed me that after our long-standing relationship that she can’t see me for my pregnancy. I got scared immediately and felt like I was just broken up with at the same time. She does not handle high-risk triplet pregnancies, so they set up an appointment for me, same day, still August 26, at a prenatal specialist at Mercy.

We took a deep breath and went on our way to the next stop. We sat in the waiting room and just stared at each other, the tv, the floor, anything that would hopefully help us wrap our brains around what just happened.

They call us back and the door opens. What is the irony of running into someone you know in a moment like this? We still had not even told our parents we were expecting. We walk in the office and standing there are friends of ours Bryan and Katie Colley and Bryan’s mom Judi. I have known Bryan and his family since I was 11. Katie since high school and my Bryan plays golf regularly with Bryan. Such an incredible small world. We both looked at each other and just said, “Wow, this is awkward.” They had no idea we were there because there were three babies!

We went back into the ultrasound room and waited. Bryan was texting Bryan Colley about our update that we were expecting but that was about all of the conversation. Colley mentioned they were moving to Denver and I think my Bryan was more shocked they were moving than to see me lying there to have another ultrasound to confirm we were having three babies!!

Again, like before, the technician came in. Did the ultrasound again. This time, their technology was unbelievable. There were on a 54″ flat screen clear as day. One…Two…Three. The doctor came in…Dr. Charles Mirabile. He was nice, personable and got right the risks associated with this situation. But, he said everyone looks good and he would see me back in two weeks.

Two weeks! I thought people went like once a month. Not me. Fortunately, I get to see the progress on ultrasound every two weeks.

We left the appointment and I could not focus all day. We still had about 30 people coming to our house the next day for a Twins Shower and twins was sounding easy at this point. Our family was still in the dark and Labor Day could not come fast enough so we could tell them all.

More to come…

Welcome Baby…A, B and C!

Our first prenatal appointment was on Thursday, August 26 at 10:30 a.m., the day before we were throwing a shower for friends of ours having twins girls. We were excited and nervous at the same time. My doc, Dr. Margaret Hall at Lakeside Women’s Center in Oklahoma City has been my doctor for almost ten years. I was so excited to talk to her about this new beginning in our lives. Bryan had off work and so did I so we were going to just take the day to enjoying the appointment and celebrate together.

We did the typical meet and greet with Dr. Hall. The, “Congrats, looks like your due date should be around April 20.” She suggested that the ultrasound location may have an appointment available and we should try and get in that same day. My heart raced because this was becoming real very quickly. We were going to get to see the baby. She also told us that because I was barely 7 weeks that is may be difficult to see a heartbeat and not to worry.

So, got an appointment at noon that day with ultrasound. Bryan and I sat nervously awaiting the technicians. I already was thinking that maybe it would be too soon to tell, little did I know what was in store.

The first technician did the ultrasound and then brought in the other gal to assist. Of course, at this point, I thought that was pretty routine. One gal asked, “Have you guys been trying for a while?” I said, “Not too long, six months or so.” Then the technicians both looked at each other and sort of smirked a smile. I was very suspicious at this point.

The tech said, “Ok, I am going to turn on the screen and let you see what we see.” Bryan griped my hand as the screen turned out. It was the biggest anticipation of our lives to date. It was almost like waiting to walk down the aisle and how long that feels until you make to the front the alter. Instead of my fun dress, it was just an ugly gown with jelly on my belly. Not as romantic.

The tech said, “Ok, now this is your cervix…” I was like GET ON WITH THE GOOD STUFF. “And right here is Baby A.” I stopped. I wondered, “Why is she calling our baby, Baby A?” Then she proceeded. “And this is Baby B.” I was stone cold. Her voice just did not sound final. Then she said, “And right here is Baby C.”
Long pause……………………………………………….

Bryan and I are looking at the screen and then looking at each other. The technician said, “I was trying to ask you how long you had been trying to indicate whether or not you had been using fertility treatments.” I told her we had not. Then she was even more shocked. I said, “Are you telling me that we have natural triplets?” She introduced the term Spontaneous Multiples to us for the first, meaning they are natural. Spontaneous was an understatement.

I had emotions just pouring over me. My eyes filled up and I just could not stop crying. I believe at that moment I felt shock, true disbelief for the first time in my life. My legs were shaking and my husband was standing proud and strong and smiling from ear to ear. He looked at me and said, “Are you happy, what’s wrong?” All I could say was, “I am just scared.” The technicians comforted me, until our journey that day began…Which I thought it already started, but I was wrong.

Picture below is the Coy triplets at almost 7 weeks.

Part II to come….

Telling our family! Labor Day Weekend 2010

We had waited almost four weeks to tell our families that we were pregnant. I can’t believe it was that easy to hold the secret in. Especially after the news of the SUPER PREGNANCY, we still waited a another week to tell them.

I had these adorable frames made that said, “Mimi and Papa and Nana and Papa” They had this great quote that was so fitting, “Blessings – Make sure you count them” Ironic huh? My thought was to present them with the ultrasound inside the frame. I told Bryan that was a lot of information to process at once for our family, so maybe we let them get excited about a baby first and then tell them.

We were fortunate to have all of our family over – My parents, Bryan’s parents and both sister and brother in laws. They though we just wanted to have people over for lunch for the holiday weekend. Hahaha.

We told them we brought them gifts back from Vegas and handed them each a gift sack to open. Our parents got the frames and the brother/sister in laws got a cute book that was called What Aunts/Uncles Do Best.

Once they opened the gifts everyone screamed! I think my mother in law Debbie was jumping up and down, my mom I believe looked like she was on her knees praying (for real), tears were flowing everywhere.

We told everyone we were about 8 weeks along and told them we already had our first appointment. We let all the initial joy out before we said, “Hey, we have pictures from our first ultrasound for you!”

I passed out copies of the “Threesome” face down to the group. I said “Okay, turn it over.” No one really said anything at first. Then I believe my sister in law said, “Are you having twins?”

Long pause again……………..

Bryan and I both held up THREE with our fingers. I so wish we would have captured that moment on video. Alot of blank stares. My mom said, “What!!!” probably 20 times.

We explained how are day went when we found out and our next steps. Needless to say it felt great to finally have our families in on the news. The welcomed emotional support was much needed.

We are expecting!

I got to surprise Bryan right before our Vegas trip for our anniversary with the amazing news that we are having a baby!

I actually kept a secret for almost 48 hours. I was in complete shock. We were trying to have a baby, but for those moms out there, you know once it becomes real your world just stops just for a minute.

I secretly took the test on August 5. Slept next to Bryan the entire night without saying anything, then took another test in the morning. I waited until that next night to tell him. I gave him a book that illustrated our first year of marriage in pictures and then…in walks our boxer, Stella, with a collar on. I said to Bryan, “Look what Stella got for our anniversary?” The dog tag said, “Surprise, I am pregnant!” I think for just a second that Bryan thought the dog was pregnant.

We hugged and cried and cannot wait until our first appointment that is in a few weeks. More to come!