Telling our family! Labor Day Weekend 2010

We had waited almost four weeks to tell our families that we were pregnant. I can’t believe it was that easy to hold the secret in. Especially after the news of the SUPER PREGNANCY, we still waited a another week to tell them.

I had these adorable frames made that said, “Mimi and Papa and Nana and Papa” They had this great quote that was so fitting, “Blessings – Make sure you count them” Ironic huh? My thought was to present them with the ultrasound inside the frame. I told Bryan that was a lot of information to process at once for our family, so maybe we let them get excited about a baby first and then tell them.

We were fortunate to have all of our family over – My parents, Bryan’s parents and both sister and brother in laws. They though we just wanted to have people over for lunch for the holiday weekend. Hahaha.

We told them we brought them gifts back from Vegas and handed them each a gift sack to open. Our parents got the frames and the brother/sister in laws got a cute book that was called What Aunts/Uncles Do Best.

Once they opened the gifts everyone screamed! I think my mother in law Debbie was jumping up and down, my mom I believe looked like she was on her knees praying (for real), tears were flowing everywhere.

We told everyone we were about 8 weeks along and told them we already had our first appointment. We let all the initial joy out before we said, “Hey, we have pictures from our first ultrasound for you!”

I passed out copies of the “Threesome” face down to the group. I said “Okay, turn it over.” No one really said anything at first. Then I believe my sister in law said, “Are you having twins?”

Long pause again……………..

Bryan and I both held up THREE with our fingers. I so wish we would have captured that moment on video. Alot of blank stares. My mom said, “What!!!” probably 20 times.

We explained how are day went when we found out and our next steps. Needless to say it felt great to finally have our families in on the news. The welcomed emotional support was much needed.

1 thought on “Telling our family! Labor Day Weekend 2010”

  1. This day was a usual well planned day. And I had no idea I was shocked and thrilledbut still believing they were kidding they both do that alot anyway. I always new Stephanie would add creativity to this in her always special way I couldn’t imagine. Although for years my sisters spoke of who would have at least twins as my moms side is covered with twins. It is an unforgettable day. I love them so much already
    and yes I am. One of the grandmas.

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