Learning about the triplets…Part II

So, to continue our day on August 26. It is now roughly 12:30 or so. I am still pulling myself together over the fact that there are three babies growing inside of me at the same time. They inform us that Dr. Hall wants to see us again, today. So, we go back to Lakeside and have a consultation with her.

I hug her and first thing I ask is, “How typical is this situation?” Then she lays on me. “Well, Stephanie, you are only the second patient I have had in 15 years with natural triplets.” I am not sure if we feel special just yet, too many questions, too many unknowns.

Then she informed me that after our long-standing relationship that she can’t see me for my pregnancy. I got scared immediately and felt like I was just broken up with at the same time. She does not handle high-risk triplet pregnancies, so they set up an appointment for me, same day, still August 26, at a prenatal specialist at Mercy.

We took a deep breath and went on our way to the next stop. We sat in the waiting room and just stared at each other, the tv, the floor, anything that would hopefully help us wrap our brains around what just happened.

They call us back and the door opens. What is the irony of running into someone you know in a moment like this? We still had not even told our parents we were expecting. We walk in the office and standing there are friends of ours Bryan and Katie Colley and Bryan’s mom Judi. I have known Bryan and his family since I was 11. Katie since high school and my Bryan plays golf regularly with Bryan. Such an incredible small world. We both looked at each other and just said, “Wow, this is awkward.” They had no idea we were there because there were three babies!

We went back into the ultrasound room and waited. Bryan was texting Bryan Colley about our update that we were expecting but that was about all of the conversation. Colley mentioned they were moving to Denver and I think my Bryan was more shocked they were moving than to see me lying there to have another ultrasound to confirm we were having three babies!!

Again, like before, the technician came in. Did the ultrasound again. This time, their technology was unbelievable. There were on a 54″ flat screen clear as day. One…Two…Three. The doctor came in…Dr. Charles Mirabile. He was nice, personable and got right the risks associated with this situation. But, he said everyone looks good and he would see me back in two weeks.

Two weeks! I thought people went like once a month. Not me. Fortunately, I get to see the progress on ultrasound every two weeks.

We left the appointment and I could not focus all day. We still had about 30 people coming to our house the next day for a Twins Shower and twins was sounding easy at this point. Our family was still in the dark and Labor Day could not come fast enough so we could tell them all.

More to come…

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