Telling our close friends

Bryan and I decided that whatever God brought our way that we wanted our family and close friends to know early on. We needed the power of prayer like known other and we thought the stronger that chain the better.

Bryan told a few guy friends over the weekend and I called my best girls. Here are some of the typical comments that have started:
– Are you serious?
– OMG!
– WOW. I have heard this one a lot. I think its the nice thing to say when you have no idea what to say at all. I know I would probably default to this.
– Are you sure?
– That is going to be so expensive. (Like we had not thought of this before).
– Do you have twins that run in your family?

The answer to that is sort of. My mom (which they say it comes from your maternal side) had twin aunts and twin first cousins, but I am not sure how generational it becomes at that point.

This is a true blessing. A complicated one to wrap your head around but the biology and timing behind this event is remarkable. Thank you God.

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