Experiencing pregnancy and the Trio at 11 weeks

So far, (knock on wood) I feel pretty lucky to this point. I have felt pretty decent. Lots of nausea but no real sickness. I have had good energy and getting through the work day without thinking about them at least part of the day 🙂

My last appointment I had only gained about two pounds. I am just now showing and need a little assistance in the pants department. Buttons are not my friends right now. I have been encouraged (somewhat mandated) to drink these Boost drinks. Bryan and I laugh because when we bought them at Sam’s, two young girls looked at our cart and snickered. They said to each other, “That is what my grandpa drinks!” Real cool Stephanie. But, the drinks are pretty yucky when you feel nauseated, but they are high in protein which is good for growing babies so I am sucking them down when I can.

My mom and mother-in-law are already ready to buy things. Makes me feel good they are so excited! I warned them to just keep tags on everything. We never know.

Here is a pic of the babies at 11 weeks. They are carefully watching the twins for any signs of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. Basically, if they are sharing important blood vessels, stealing blood supply or nutrients from each other etc. I have seen a lot about mother’s who go through procedure in utero with babies who suffer from this.

They did an early gender prediction. Can’t believe they can see that at 11 weeks. They think the twins are boys and the single baby is a girl. But, I am not painting the room just yet!

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