Biology 101 – How did the Coy babies become triplets

For everyone who does not remember biology and the typical formation of a embryo, here is a little lesson for you.

At my age (currently 31) they say you have about a 10-15% change of becoming pregnant each month. At least my doc says so. That does not seem like a big chance at all considering it has to be an exact time frame (About 24-36 hours) each month.

Each month, women release one egg naturally. In this situation, I released two. I know, I pride myself in being an over-achiever 🙂 haha. It is what they call hyper ovulation, which means you release more than one egg in a monthly cycle.

In addition to the two eggs, the other tricky part is obviously the compatibility and reliability that those two eggs become fertilized. Rare that one does each month, but for two? And….they did. Bryan gets a lot of “Congrats Man!” Even the specialist said, “Wow, a whole family is one shot.” Not to brag, but honestly this was a dual effort 🙂

Okay…So, we have two fertilized eggs. The logically possibility is fraternal twins right? Well, something more special happened. One of the eggs split. So, now we have still have two eggs, but now they result in a set of Identical Twins and the one Singleton baby.

Not only are we having triplets, its almost like we get one single baby and a set of twins at the same time!

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