Latest Update: 14 weeks and a gender identity crisis!

Amazing what a difference two weeks makes. At our last appointment, I felt great, small weight gain and they thought the twins were two boys and a girl.

This time, these past few weeks not so pretty in the sickness department. I hate to be this blunt and share but, I actually experienced the grossest mom thing yet. See how I said, “Yet.” I left lunch with a friend and all of a sudden I did not feel so good. That feeling where you feel like you are trapped and thinking, “Where if I wanted to toss my cookies, would I do so?” I only saw a plastic cup in my cup holder in my car that might work if it came down to that. I turned the car on and began driving back to work. Down the busy highway, I had no room to pull over or stop. The cup became my only refuge as I grabbed it and hurled into it…as I was still driving. Grossest (if that is a word) thing to date!

I was pretty sick all weekend. I think I had a bug that was unrelated, but you never know. I have also had a cold off and on and you can’t take much while you are pregnant. Tylenol and Benadryl. They say your sinus tend to overact with the increasing hormones.

My back has really hurt. Amazing when you don’t even have a real belly yet. Doc told me because my uterus is growing so quickly that I will continue to have back pain. I got the okay to do a massage or light prenatal yoga when I feel better.

I finally entered into the maternity pants and it was such a relief. Its like you wake up and there is a belly that you cannot suck in anymore! There is was…The true outward sign that I was indeed pregnant. I savored the moment. Did not take any pictures just yet, but I better document this moment before I wake up again and I am twice the size which is very possible.

Also, within this time period, I have one best friend that just had a baby girl. Her second! She was beautiful and Janna already looks fantastic just weeks later. My oldest friend Jamie, who lives in Texas, is pregnant with her second boy. She has been really sick and she is about four-six weeks in front of me. And lastly, my dear friend told me she is having third and is about a week behind me! I won’t reveal her name just yet 🙂 But, it a wonderful time to share with my dear friends.

I did a little shopping for myself to feel good about a few clothes in the upcoming months. Bought some nice jeans and a few tops and pants for work.

Okay, now onto the Gender Crisis. So, at week 11, we got a premature prediction that the babies were boys (identical twins) and a girl (singleton). At our 13 week appointment Dr. Mirabile now thinks they are all girls!

I thought Bryan was going to die! Doc said, “Hey man, you determine this!” and his other funny comment was, “I see a lot of little ladies in here.” But, in the end he said, “Don’t go paint the room just yet!”

Trust me….We are not! More to come…

2 thoughts on “Latest Update: 14 weeks and a gender identity crisis!”

  1. WOO HOO! SO GLAD you are keeping up the blog with all the news! I will anxiously await each entry!

    and then secondly… ALL GIRLS!!!!! Holy Moly!

  2. I love the blog! Can’t wait to hear about the changes each week! Holy moly, three girls! Wait till 20 weeks before u get busy decorating and buying! I sure want u to have a sweet boy also! 🙂 love u!

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