Pi Phi Pledge Class Reunion Day at OSU Homecoming


This past weekend, my friend Katie Hull Rathkey planned a get together at OSU homecoming to tailgate with some our sorority pledge sisters. It has been almost 10 years (gulp!) since we graduated from O-State. We pledged in 1997 when we were just 18 years old! That is when is button up shirts and scarves were popular. Trust me, I think we all wore those in our class pictures that year.

Janna and I drove up from Edmond and I thought we would probably just see some of the same faces we see a few times a year, but I was pleasantly surprised! We had almost 20 of us that came to the tailgate to catch up and talk about yester-year. It was so much fun to see everyone. We laughed a lot about how we all wore XL sweatshirts and t-shirts to class and now all the girls wear shirts that actually fit their body. Don’t know why that was popular? There were lots of trendy OSU game day t-shirts and cowboy boots being sported at the game. Wish I thought to be that cute at 18? But, like I said, different era I guess 🙂  Ironically, one of my pledge sisters Gina lives literally about four house up the street from me…In the same neighborhood!  We laughed about how we never have passed each other in the neighborhood, but hopefully we will see more of each other now.

Of course, lots of questions about the Coy babies. I expected that going in to this gathering.

It was a great day, despite some crazy windy and a little rain, to really remind ourselves how thankful we were to have such a great experience in college together. All the girls looked pretty much the same!

My friend Courtney came up from Dallas and then stayed the rest of the weekend with me too.

Bryan had a Man Day with the boys and watched football all day at our house, so it was a Win-Win!

Here are a few pics from our OSU day!

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