Giving thanks and baby updates

“There two ways to look at life, like nothing is a miracle and everything is a miracle.” – Rev Run

This past week we had some much needed time off to spend with family and to rest! Bryan’s family was in town from Ohio and we spent time with the Hansen’s (my fam) as well as the usual holiday things: Decorating our Christmas tree, putting away fall decorations…Some not holiday things like: Putting up one of the baby’s cribs, major nesting things like cleaning out closets etc. I think that phase is officially upon me! I was cleaning closets out like I need the space to fit an army’s worth of clothes and stuff. Well, sort of an army.

My dad put together one of the cribs like a pro. Bryan and I realized that our plan to fit all three in a room is probably not going to work. We may need to convert our other guest room that ajoins the baby room just to make room for all the things these babies will need. But, we are just being patient and handling what we handle right now. Best plan I believe 🙂

Our last appointment was about a week and half ago. I posted about my fun “pee jug” on my birthday. No news from the doc which I am indicating as good news, so I took full advantage of just relaxing and enjoying my time at home.

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  Healthy pregnancy and babies thus far, healthy family that continues to provide so much support and I am very thankful especially for my wonderful husband. Much love to you daddy to be!

Here are some recent pics of me (19 weeks) and the girls at 18 weeks. I go back to the doc on December 3. I will be 20 weeks by then! Time is flying by!  Baby C (left), Baby B (Middle pic) and (Bottom pic) B (head) with A’s (legs and bum in her face!)

Celebrating 32 with the jug

The title may seem a little vague, but I will explain. So, yesterday was my 32 birthday. Cannot believe how time flies. Bryan proposed on my 30th and that seems like yesterday. I had a great day with my family and Bryan’s family.

The only inconvenience was this nice little orange jug. See on your right!

Friday, we had another appointment. Great update from Dr. Mirabile. All the little ones are growing. Baby C is my biggest at 10 oz, B, 9 oz and my littlest one A at 7 oz. All looking very good. Momma has grown quite a bit too. I have put on about 19 lbs. It is crazy how you can already feel your physical limitations with a little weight gain. I find my legs more tired and its interesting to bend over and pick things up with a hard belly in the way. I will post some new profile pics of the girls soon.

Anyhow, my blood pressure was a little high so they instigated a 24-hour urinalysis. What is this exactly? Well, they want to test the protein levels in my pee-pee (already sounding like a mom, right?) and make sure that I don’t have any early signs of preeclampsia etc. I tried to convince them that I was just anxious for the appointment that day, but they were not buying what I was selling. On my birthday, I had to make sure that every time I went potty it was collected in this nice orange jug. Then the jug had to be turned in today and then I had to do some blood work. It was an experience. One of many embarrassing moments to come! Dr. Mirabile joked about making sure that no one reached for the orange juice this weekend in our frig. Hahaha Doc!

Try having brunch and eating yummy stuffed french toast with cream cheese and strawberries and forcing yourself to not drink any water just so you don’t have to invite the jug to the restaurant! Already the sacrifices for your children. Haha.

To wrap up the day, it was a wonderful birthday with my family. I could not ask for much more. One wish is no more legs cramps or feet hurting…I will turn into a monkey before long with all the bananas I will be eating.  That is for potassium. I guess its supposed to help. 🙂

A little elbow grease from daddy and you have the beginning of the babies’ room!

Here is a cute video and pic I took of Bryan starting to paint the babies’ room. I came home from work and he was already knee deep in paint. It will be fun someday to show the girls how their daddy was already making sure they had the best 🙂  The color is called Hummus.  Sort of cream with a hint of yellow.  You would think its circus or taxi yellow from this pic, but trust me it is not!

Click here to view the video link:

Hello belly! Goodbye cute coat

Here is another update of my little bump (hahaha) growing overnight. Literally!

I am about 17 weeks and five days. We go back to the doctor this week. I have felt pretty good besides some leg cramps and just achy feet. My theory is that I made a drastic switch from heels at work to flats. So, my feet are adjusting. That is my theory 🙂 I have tried heating pads, elevating my feet and I actually took my friend Kara’s advise about some compression socks. She should know a thing or two about this. She is having son number two this week! Can’t wait to meet him.

I have felt a little flutter here and there. Bryan says, “Are you sure its not gas?” Yep, honey, I am sure! I can’t wait to feel them move. I think it will bring some security to know they are growing and moving everyday.

I should have a good post soon in regards to the babies’ room. We have been picking bedding and paint. Check back soon to see our first adventure in their room making sure its perfect!  No names just yet.



I do know that they are Cowboys, OSU Cowboys/Girls that is….in training.  Love the Orange! Thank you for the cute gift Breanne and Joe.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and thoughts. It means so much and helps us keep this journey into perspective. Keep’em coming!


Reflection: Fighting fear with faith

I am going to try and do a reflection blog ever so often about my personal thoughts during this process. Most of our family and close friends know me pretty well. I analyze everything. Almost to the point where there is nothing left to debate. But, I can honestly say that until the past few days I have had very little analyzation of this situation that has been Godly placed into our lives.

I am reminded that every mom worries while they are carrying a baby. When talking with one of my best friends she reminded me of this when I was having one of my “moments.” As a first time mom-to-be in this unique position, I feel greater worry accompanies my everyday thoughts especially on appointment weeks.

Appointment weeks are supposed to be joyous, exciting and something to look forward to. Don’t get me wrong, I feel all of those things. But there is a level of anxiety and fear that passes through you the night before when you start thinking about the challenges these babies are facing just fighting to grow inside you all in the same space. You wonder if not one baby but all babies have fingers and toes. Do they all have good heartbeats? Do they have important organs present? Are they all growing properly? What are my risks associated with this situation this week?

I consider myself a woman of faith. Without God, I know that the miracles and even the challenges we face are all because of His glory and bigger plan. Bryan and I both have been very positive during this time even when moments are tough.

Our latest appointment was wonderful to see their process and how they are all growing and changing so much! Just amazing what technology can tell you in a matter of minutes. Like I said in my previous post, Doc is watching all of them closely especially Baby A. Even with his stellar expertise, I wonder what really is going on and if everything will be okay. After my mini-emotional episode of worry this morning, I have stopped to reflect again about why faith is your best weapon against fear. With much needed rest today I remained content is silence and thought about my fears.  God continued to push me in a direction that showed me light at the end of the journey and that felt good!

Just yesterday, I had a lady (well, I would not call her a lady after I tell you the rest), but a lady in store overheard that I was having triplets. I was standing to check out with her in line and she said to me, “I feel so sorry for you.”

For the first time during this experience I was almost instantly in tears. How hurtful to say that to someone you don’t know. I have heard comments like, “What will you guys do?,” or “Wow, better you than me,” but never “I feel sorry for you.”

My rebuttle to her was, “Actually, we feel really blessed.” I checked out and went about my business. Don’t get me wrong I still thought about how someone could say such things. I let that fester in my heart all night and it lead me back to fear about the health of the babies and getting through this journey in one piece. I justified her nasty comment to the things people say without any educated bit of information.  But, in her case I think it was clearly an Orbit gum commercial, “Dirty mouth? Clean it with…”

And after the rain (my tears of course), God let the sun in and today is a new day.

I returned to scripture and found this. I think it is a good thought to have in a moment of self doubt. I am sure there will be many more to come.

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline. – 2 Timothy 1:7

Thank you to all of our wonderful family and great friends who somehow know how to say the right things.  It makes me “feel sorry” for the people who missed the moment to shine light into someone’s lives when they may need is most.  Maybe she was the one who needed it, not me 🙂

Think Pink! Lots of Pink! The Coy Girls.

If the title did not give it away, here is the verdict. We went for our appointment on November 5 and the result was ALL GIRLS. Yes, all girls! A few weeks before they indicated this as well, but we were holding out due to the fact they made an early, early prediction at around 12 weeks that they were boys and girls. What a difference four weeks makes! The Coy babies are officially girls.

Many people ask, “How is Bryan doing?” He is doing great! Happy everyone is healthy and growing on schedule. We have had some funny comments from folks about the news of the girls. Here are a few:
– Better start saving for three weddings
– I can’t imagine your bathroom in 15 years (that one was really funny)
– Bryan will need three shotguns (look out boys!)
– Three little princesses (hopefully that makes mommy the queen 🙂 )
– Yes!!!! (That was from Bryan’s friend Kyle whose wife just had two twin girls)

Overall, people have been so great about the news of the girls. Bryan is not the only one that dreamed of a mixed gendered family. I also thought it would be great to have boys and girls. But, we feel blessed that God has bestowed such little angels for us to care for during our lifetime.

My mom has already been buying frilly things, which are darling. I have purchased a few things myself 🙂

On a sidenote, Doc is keeping a close eye on Baby A (man, these girls need names now). All babies are developing well, measuring well and have great heartbeats. The careful thing we have to watch for is that they are all getting the blood supply and nutrients they need to continue to thrive in utero. Baby A seems to be my special attention baby. She is also one of the identical twins. Her partner, Baby B, is doing very well, so we are grateful that she can be a good indicator for any major issues they may develop between the two of them.

Please say special prayers for Baby A. We hope when we return in two weeks that she (with all the babes) continues to thrive and that God and Doc have a good eye on her special needs, if any arise.

Baby C is our most photogenic. Probably because she already gets a room to herself! Sisters are already jealous of her space. Below is a recent pick of Baby C.

I have also included a few pic of my growing belly. The one on the left is 14 weeks and the next 15. Trust me, the 16 weeks looks a lot bigger than that!

Stay tuned!

First major upgrade – The Car

Bryan and I were on a search for a great car that will not only handle three infant car seats, but move with us as our family grows up! Notice I said, grows up, not grows 🙂

I was not ready to be a mini-van mom just yet. We had just bought a new Nissan Murano a year ago that I absolutely loved.  But, the cold truth was it was not going to work for all of these babes.

It was quite funny taking my tape measure to the car dealerships and asking if I could measure their backseats. We had done some preliminary research online about the average size of a car seat base, which was about 18-19 inches wide. We roughly were looking for about 55 – 60 inches of backseat space.

We found a beautiful vehicle and if this can’t tow the family, I am not sure what can. It can hold 8, so bring on our kids’ friends too! hahaha.  I am sure this is only the first of our many purchases to accommodate our little blessings.

Here is a pic of our new Nissan Armada! Mama is already riding in style!  I know many of you are requesting belly pics. I have a few I will post in my next entry. Stay tuned!