First major upgrade – The Car

Bryan and I were on a search for a great car that will not only handle three infant car seats, but move with us as our family grows up! Notice I said, grows up, not grows 🙂

I was not ready to be a mini-van mom just yet. We had just bought a new Nissan Murano a year ago that I absolutely loved.  But, the cold truth was it was not going to work for all of these babes.

It was quite funny taking my tape measure to the car dealerships and asking if I could measure their backseats. We had done some preliminary research online about the average size of a car seat base, which was about 18-19 inches wide. We roughly were looking for about 55 – 60 inches of backseat space.

We found a beautiful vehicle and if this can’t tow the family, I am not sure what can. It can hold 8, so bring on our kids’ friends too! hahaha.  I am sure this is only the first of our many purchases to accommodate our little blessings.

Here is a pic of our new Nissan Armada! Mama is already riding in style!  I know many of you are requesting belly pics. I have a few I will post in my next entry. Stay tuned!

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