Think Pink! Lots of Pink! The Coy Girls.

If the title did not give it away, here is the verdict. We went for our appointment on November 5 and the result was ALL GIRLS. Yes, all girls! A few weeks before they indicated this as well, but we were holding out due to the fact they made an early, early prediction at around 12 weeks that they were boys and girls. What a difference four weeks makes! The Coy babies are officially girls.

Many people ask, “How is Bryan doing?” He is doing great! Happy everyone is healthy and growing on schedule. We have had some funny comments from folks about the news of the girls. Here are a few:
– Better start saving for three weddings
– I can’t imagine your bathroom in 15 years (that one was really funny)
– Bryan will need three shotguns (look out boys!)
– Three little princesses (hopefully that makes mommy the queen 🙂 )
– Yes!!!! (That was from Bryan’s friend Kyle whose wife just had two twin girls)

Overall, people have been so great about the news of the girls. Bryan is not the only one that dreamed of a mixed gendered family. I also thought it would be great to have boys and girls. But, we feel blessed that God has bestowed such little angels for us to care for during our lifetime.

My mom has already been buying frilly things, which are darling. I have purchased a few things myself 🙂

On a sidenote, Doc is keeping a close eye on Baby A (man, these girls need names now). All babies are developing well, measuring well and have great heartbeats. The careful thing we have to watch for is that they are all getting the blood supply and nutrients they need to continue to thrive in utero. Baby A seems to be my special attention baby. She is also one of the identical twins. Her partner, Baby B, is doing very well, so we are grateful that she can be a good indicator for any major issues they may develop between the two of them.

Please say special prayers for Baby A. We hope when we return in two weeks that she (with all the babes) continues to thrive and that God and Doc have a good eye on her special needs, if any arise.

Baby C is our most photogenic. Probably because she already gets a room to herself! Sisters are already jealous of her space. Below is a recent pick of Baby C.

I have also included a few pic of my growing belly. The one on the left is 14 weeks and the next 15. Trust me, the 16 weeks looks a lot bigger than that!

Stay tuned!

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