Hello belly! Goodbye cute coat

Here is another update of my little bump (hahaha) growing overnight. Literally!

I am about 17 weeks and five days. We go back to the doctor this week. I have felt pretty good besides some leg cramps and just achy feet. My theory is that I made a drastic switch from heels at work to flats. So, my feet are adjusting. That is my theory 🙂 I have tried heating pads, elevating my feet and I actually took my friend Kara’s advise about some compression socks. She should know a thing or two about this. She is having son number two this week! Can’t wait to meet him.

I have felt a little flutter here and there. Bryan says, “Are you sure its not gas?” Yep, honey, I am sure! I can’t wait to feel them move. I think it will bring some security to know they are growing and moving everyday.

I should have a good post soon in regards to the babies’ room. We have been picking bedding and paint. Check back soon to see our first adventure in their room making sure its perfect!  No names just yet.



I do know that they are Cowboys, OSU Cowboys/Girls that is….in training.  Love the Orange! Thank you for the cute gift Breanne and Joe.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and thoughts. It means so much and helps us keep this journey into perspective. Keep’em coming!


1 thought on “Hello belly! Goodbye cute coat”

  1. Steph, you write so beautifully. This may be something you can do to help future moms of multiples and also
    give a wonderful gift to your girls when someday they have children. I love you and already love baby A, B and C.

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