Celebrating 32 with the jug

The title may seem a little vague, but I will explain. So, yesterday was my 32 birthday. Cannot believe how time flies. Bryan proposed on my 30th and that seems like yesterday. I had a great day with my family and Bryan’s family.

The only inconvenience was this nice little orange jug. See on your right!

Friday, we had another appointment. Great update from Dr. Mirabile. All the little ones are growing. Baby C is my biggest at 10 oz, B, 9 oz and my littlest one A at 7 oz. All looking very good. Momma has grown quite a bit too. I have put on about 19 lbs. It is crazy how you can already feel your physical limitations with a little weight gain. I find my legs more tired and its interesting to bend over and pick things up with a hard belly in the way. I will post some new profile pics of the girls soon.

Anyhow, my blood pressure was a little high so they instigated a 24-hour urinalysis. What is this exactly? Well, they want to test the protein levels in my pee-pee (already sounding like a mom, right?) and make sure that I don’t have any early signs of preeclampsia etc. I tried to convince them that I was just anxious for the appointment that day, but they were not buying what I was selling. On my birthday, I had to make sure that every time I went potty it was collected in this nice orange jug. Then the jug had to be turned in today and then I had to do some blood work. It was an experience. One of many embarrassing moments to come! Dr. Mirabile joked about making sure that no one reached for the orange juice this weekend in our frig. Hahaha Doc!

Try having brunch and eating yummy stuffed french toast with cream cheese and strawberries and forcing yourself to not drink any water just so you don’t have to invite the jug to the restaurant! Already the sacrifices for your children. Haha.

To wrap up the day, it was a wonderful birthday with my family. I could not ask for much more. One wish is no more legs cramps or feet hurting…I will turn into a monkey before long with all the bananas I will be eating.  That is for potassium. I guess its supposed to help. 🙂

1 thought on “Celebrating 32 with the jug”

  1. Yes, it is one of many notes for your journal. All the sacrifices and discomforts are worth all the joys of your children. I love you and still worry so get ready even if you are 32 you are still my baby and Bryan is Debbie’s. You will not believe the feeling when those babies are in your arms. All else goes away. You will be amazing parents.

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