Giving thanks and baby updates

“There two ways to look at life, like nothing is a miracle and everything is a miracle.” – Rev Run

This past week we had some much needed time off to spend with family and to rest! Bryan’s family was in town from Ohio and we spent time with the Hansen’s (my fam) as well as the usual holiday things: Decorating our Christmas tree, putting away fall decorations…Some not holiday things like: Putting up one of the baby’s cribs, major nesting things like cleaning out closets etc. I think that phase is officially upon me! I was cleaning closets out like I need the space to fit an army’s worth of clothes and stuff. Well, sort of an army.

My dad put together one of the cribs like a pro. Bryan and I realized that our plan to fit all three in a room is probably not going to work. We may need to convert our other guest room that ajoins the baby room just to make room for all the things these babies will need. But, we are just being patient and handling what we handle right now. Best plan I believe đŸ™‚

Our last appointment was about a week and half ago. I posted about my fun “pee jug” on my birthday. No news from the doc which I am indicating as good news, so I took full advantage of just relaxing and enjoying my time at home.

We have so much to be thankful for this year.  Healthy pregnancy and babies thus far, healthy family that continues to provide so much support and I am very thankful especially for my wonderful husband. Much love to you daddy to be!

Here are some recent pics of me (19 weeks) and the girls at 18 weeks. I go back to the doc on December 3. I will be 20 weeks by then! Time is flying by!  Baby C (left), Baby B (Middle pic) and (Bottom pic) B (head) with A’s (legs and bum in her face!)

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