Best report to date! 20 weeks and 2 days

Today was a blessed day. We felt so uplifted in prayer all week and the power of prayer really works. Our girls are growing and thriving at 20 weeks and 2 days!

Even my little girl A is almost leading the pack in weight and measurements. Just two weeks ago she was our smallest and she is the one with the two-vessel cord that they continue to watch to make sure she is developing and growing. She is a fighter!

Baby B is roughly 14 oz. and about 8.5 inches. Baby C is 12 oz and same measurement, with A measuring the same at 12 oz and same length. What is amazing is that already I have about 1 pound and a half of baby inside my belly and about 24 inches of babies wrapped around my belly pretty much all in a circle!

I personally am growing everyday and continue to set records myself for weight. Doc said I am doing great and to keep doing what I am doing.

Today was the first day that I looked at those babies on the screen and had the true feeling that those were my daughters. That is not to be insensitive, but so much anxiety goes into the waiting to see them and make sure they are doing well. As time goes on, their little faces are developing and I see parts of their features that I am connecting with and my heart just felt whole today.

We still have a ways to go, about 14 more weeks. Doc said if I am doing well, we will see from there but that is the goal. We are looking at mid-March.

Here are some great profile pics of the girls from today. Forgive the flash (bright white spots) on the pics. It was the best way I could take them from my phone!

Thank you for all the prayers and support. This week was a tough emotional week for other reasons and God placed a nice little report on the girls in our laps until the next visit. Such a reminder of his power and strength. Again, it is uplifting Bryan and I and the girls everyday!

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