First Kicks and Nose Bleeds – Just shy of 21 weeks

A very cool thing happened today and a weird thing…

Cool thing was I actually felt a kick! It felt like someone knocking on my stomach like a door several times, but from the inside out. Also, one of the babies has been hanging out on my side all day. I think she is not happy that I am crunched in a chair up against my desk at work. Trust me, its not that comfortable for me either sister!

Weird thing today is that I experienced a full-on nose bleed. I never got nose bleeds before pregnancy. They say your membranes in your nose are inflamed due to increased hormones and blood circulation. I blame it on this weird Oklahoma weather. But, lots of weird nose issues during pregnancy. This growing girl is happy though for the colder weather and I am typically a cold nature person. Bryan would tell me that I am cold when its 75 degrees out. Not anymore buddy. Those three dog nights (literally, Bryan, me and Stella, our dog) are about to force me into the other rooms or the couch. Too crowded and hot!

Can’t wait until the girls can have their daddy and grandparents feel them move too! That part beats out a nasty old nose bleed any day!

2 thoughts on “First Kicks and Nose Bleeds – Just shy of 21 weeks”

  1. steph,

    i am incredibly proud of you, you have handled this
    situation with strength, and complete faith that God
    has given you this blessing,, it is overwhelming and life
    changing, and if anyone can do this , it is you.

    i look forward to being a gigi or mimi and helping you
    night and day.

    I am such a proud mom and so excited to see my grandaughters!!

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