What I have learned about my belly at 22 weeks

This is going to be a sort of cheeky post. I will be 22 weeks tomorrow. What I am learning about my growing belly lately is the following:

1. I wake up and it has literally grown overnight. I think my arms hurt just to push myself out of bed!
2. It is growing upward toward my chest. Soon enough, I should be able to open my mouth and see a foot!
3. Coco Butter is my friend.
4. It itches.
5. My belly button looks really weird. I am typically an “inny” but that may not last much longer.
6. Most importantly, the babies love to tell me exactly where their heads and bottoms are in my belly. They like to kick a lot more too! One baby like to hang out in my side, which is not very comfortable. But, I understand girl, not much room to stretch out.
7. I can now officially sit things like ice cream on it.
8. Can it really stretch more than this? I think that answer is YES but I can’t imagine.
9. I think my husband may be weird-ed out by the belly.
10. I regret all of those times that I pouted about having a “fat day.” Damn you skinny *itches!

Everyone always asks for pictures. I don’t feel like this is one of my better days, but here is me at 22 weeks! Oh, and that ball that looks like the moon is my belly. Crazy swirled night gown thing.

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