House Arrest: Day One

25 weeks and five days. Officially on house arrest. Well, bed rest that is. My appointment Friday was a little stunning when I was told I could not go back to work the following week. The girls are doing great – C is 2lbs, B is 1.11 and A is 1.9.  I, on the other hand, am showing signs of early dilation that concerned the Doc, so bed rest for me it is.

As a precaution, I had two steriod injections to prepare the girls’ lungs in the event that labor in the next few weeks is inevitable. But, we are hoping that is not the case at all! My goal was 34 weeks, but that seems like a long grueling two months away, but I am still optimistic.  For reference, most triplets are born between 29-34 weeks.

My blood pressure was slightly elevated, so guess who had a date with the orange jug again this past weekend? Me! I tried to persuade Doc to avoid the jug treatment by letting him know that it was a very emotional week with the funeral for my friends, one of my best friends Sarah (also about 24 weeks pregnant) was in a car accident with her kids (she is ok and so is baby), one of my dear friends growing up, Andy Brown, his dad passed away Friday…Just a gammit of events that I believed caused the rise. But, he was not buying it and said, “Take the jug home.” So, I did.

Here is a look at my first weekday of Bed Rest:
1. Woke up at normal time, as though I was going to work.
2. Got positioned to have my little office set up so I could work from home today.
3. Participated in a conference call with office.
4. Had the help of a wondeful co-worker to get me set up remotely from home.
5. Worked for several hours.
6. Bryan came home to check on me and then took me to the lab to say goodbye to the orange jug and had some blood drawn. Yuck.
7. Worked a little more at home.
8. Closed out the day getting up a few times to just take a potty break.

Even in the background watching “Whose my baby’s daddy” on Maury and other trashy TV was not entertaining. Sounds appealing to be in your jammies, when its snowing outside to do those sort of things but not for a Type A’er like myself. I will adjust because it is all about the girls and their best needs.

I had some really sweet emails and texts from friends and family checking on me so thank you so much! Means a lot to keep me normal and distracted.

Fortunately, I can shower and get up to go potty. Yippee. But, most time should be spent in a chair with feet up or in bed.

Bryan entertained me this evening by putting together two of the babies’ bouncers. So proud of you Dad! I know he feels helpless too trying to make the best of the situation. He flew home from the middle of nowhere Colorado this past weekend to make sure I was ok. Good to have him home..just in case. We are lucky that family is a five minute drive away so that is reassuring too!

Keep the entertaining emails and suggestions for TV coming. I am sure I will find my groove over the course of time that will make all of this sudden change just a moment in time I will look back on and cherish before their arrival.

I am lucky to have little furry friends like Stella to make sure I am not overdoing it either 🙂

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! Keep’em coming! We are praying for a good return appointment this Friday and no signifigant changes that cannot be stopped 🙂

6 thoughts on “House Arrest: Day One”

  1. Yes, yes… keep up with blogs! like mine! (need to change he name I suppose)

    If I was on bed rest and was finished working for the day, this is what I would do:
    – organize my recipes and find new ones
    – replace pictures in my house
    – read a really good book (if you find one, tell me)
    – crafts? Make something for the girls?
    – buy a TV series on DVD that I never got into and watch it all. (Dexter is disturbing, but good if you have not seen it; although Brian may want to watch it with you)
    – join an online community for moms of multiples or something like that and chat and read through advice.

    Okay, so you did not ask about what I would do, but I like to share. Love ya!

  2. I found your blog on Brooke’s blog. Yay – I love blogs! I’ll email you some of my faves, they can keep you busy. Andy and I love Dexter and Six Feet Under. I’ve heard 24 is good and would be good to watch on DVD.

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