Letting go of control: week one of bed rest

This week was interesting. After our update from the last appointment where Doc told me I could not go back to work I took a deep breath and gave it all I could this week and adjusted to two things: one was working from home and two – letting go of control and attempting to let people help me. Part two has been the hardest adjustment. As most people know, I pride myself on multi-tasking and being three steps ahead of myself planning wise. My way of doing things has come to screeching halt with a much of mini wardens telling me to stay put!!! I get up to pee and all of a sudden I have committed a felony. I know people have great intensions and love me, but relinquishing control is not a characteristic you learn how to do overnight. But, it’s for girls so I will of course do what is best. God is teaching me patience and the kindness of others for sure.

I was able to work from home pretty well until Friday. We had another marathon doctor’s appointment to see if any more significant change had occurred. I had not physically left the house all week so I was excited just to get out!

Appointment was again positive for the girls. But, I’m still showing signs of premature labor that may or may not happen. They did what is called a fetal fibronection test. Ladies, it’s like when you go for that fun annual visit. Anyhow, if it’s positive it can be a sign of labor within the next 14 days. But it’s only about 20-25% of an indication. Well, we got the call at 4pm that it is positive.

My emotions went nuts and I just envisioned these girls coming any day and it finally hit me how real this is. Doc gave me the choice to stay on strict bed rest at home or be in the hospital. So I will still kick it out home until further notice which is next Friday.

This week I am praying for peace in my heart that this situation will be ok and secondly for the peace to let go and let people help me get ready in the event they do come soon.

I am blessed with great family and friends who have checked on us, offered dinner or just company. Thank you so much!!!

Keep y’all posted!!!!

Chant tonight:
1 baby, 2 baby and 3 baby Coy
Bed rest for mom should be a joy
These girls need to cook for more time
Coy babies Coy babies please stay inside!

Ok, I have official cabin fever.

3 thoughts on “Letting go of control: week one of bed rest”

  1. Stephanie and Bryan:
    We are praying for you guys to have a peace in your heart in all situations! I was reading this scripture and thought of you guys:
    “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be anxious, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, surely I will help you, surely I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.” – Isaiah 41:10
    Mike & De Ann Bower

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