Week Three Bedrest: Compassion, Cupcakes, and Carbs

I am on week three of bedrest and there are a few things that I have learned:
1. I would never make a good shut-in or a hoarder like those folks on TV.
2. Being at home in bed you have two choices: Be productive on your laptop or watch “Bringing Home Baby, Making Room for Multiples or a Baby Story on TLC” enough times to scare the heck out of you. I choose the laptop.
3. People are kind and generous. We have amazing friends and family. We are so blessed with recent meals and visitors, phone calls, emails and texts to check on me, Bryan and the girls.
4. This may be the only time its good to celebrate gaining weight! Lots of carbs (pasta!) and lots of desserts like cupcakes, Klondike bars or ice cream in this household.
5. This is a time I should cherish the peace and quiet being alone during the day. But, it makes me even more excited to meet our girls everyday.

A recent visit to the Doc was cautiously optimistic. As always a blessed report for Avery, Emily and Camdyn. Although we have not assigned names, I can tell you the “twins” are thriving and A was 2lbs, B was 2.6 and my singleton was 2.9! Growing babies are awesome. I am seeing lots of moving on the outside of my belly lately which is both reassuring and creepy at the same time. I can’t determine if they are feet or elbows, heads or bottoms.

My physical health is still excellent. I am feeling the contraints and aches and pains of must being in bed or in the chair all the time. My belly is growing by the minute so lots of pressure. Heck, there are three babies in there 🙂

We are closer to getting the rooms ready thanks to my husband, my parents and my in-laws. When I can take a break, I sit in a chair and give commands. Sounds cool, but I’d rather be putting bedding on my girls bed or hanging things myself.

But, Doc said that I still have premature cervical shortening and I am still dilated to about a 1. If it continues when I go back on Friday, January 28, he will admit me for hospital bed rest. Yuck. As a “just in case” measure, he told us to bring a bag to our appointment. So, I think that is a sign…But, I am still holding out staying home.

I am 28 weeks tomorrow (January 26). The girls have more than a 90 percent survival rate at this point and that is so reassuring. They will look at their lungs, heart, brains etc again Friday in addition to how they are doing practicing breathing. Yes, practicing breathing. Although they are not actually breathing their lungs begin to initiate the movement needed to do so when they are born. The human body is amazing!

Again, all the love, food, support and prayers are working and we could not appreciate them more. This has been a journey of great personal reflection, inner peace and witness of the power of prayer. All amazing God things. Thank you for joining the ride with us and pray these babies know what is good for them and stay inside a little longer!

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