Miss Emily Ray Coy

I thought I would do a post on each one of our girls, so you can start to get to know them as we are each day.

Emily Ray Coy is our littlest miracle. She was 2.11 when she was born and now she is 3.3! She is my smallest and she is the oldest! This sister came out first at 8:06 a.m. She is one half of the identical, Camdyn.Β  We are pretty sure they look identical, but because they are not in the same room and we have not laid them side by side, we have not had a clear look at all their features to know for sure.

She was my baby that they say was “closest to the exit” for a long time. When someone kicked hard, it was more than likely her. She got really comfortable laying so low down in my belly very early on and never moved. It was like she knew the way out and she was not going back πŸ™‚

She was our Baby A. The one that we always kept a special eye on during pregnancy. She was also the baby with the two-vessel cord that we needed to make sure was getting the nutrients just as sister (Baby B) Camdyn was at the time.

She was always the baby that moved and squirmed when trying to get profile pics of her. She was the one that always had us on eggshells when they needed to get pics of her heart, brain and when we watched her breath for the first time inside my belly.

But, what we are learning about Miss Em, Emmie, Emmie Bear, is that she is turning out to be exactly who we think she is…

Even being the smallest, she is our fighter. She wants to make sure that you have not ruled her out in the race. When her sisters have made progress she is neck and neck with them in that fight. Her nurses love her little personality.

She has dark hair, darling blue eyes that will focus on you when you are talking and you cannot help but just love how ity bity she is…Of course, we want that to change…quickly, but she is doing so awesome and we are so proud of her.

She was the first to have her pic line out. They are now upping her feedings and she is very close to what sisters are getting. They are fortifying my milk to give her an extra boost so she can continue to gain weight.

Currently, Emily shares a room with a special little boy, Ty. Ty is a premie also and is currently on a ventilator after being born early and having heart surgery. We always say a prayer for Ty when we go spend time with Emily.

I hope some of Emily’s fighting personailty rubs off on baby Ty.

Here are a few pics of Emily Ray, our Baby A πŸ™‚

Our little over achievers – Day 10

We continue to be amazed at our little girls. It is only day 10 and Avery, Camdyn and Emily are surpassing milestones everyday. I think Bryan and I have said, “Can you believe this is our family? or Can you believe these are our little girls?” on the way home from the hospital everyday.Β  We feel so lucky they are all thriving right now.

Here is the Day 10 update:

1. The Girls: The great news we got today was not only about their weights, but the news that Avery may be only three or four days away from being ready to be in a crib! This is huge. Also, all the girls are going up on their feedings. Both Avery and Camdyn will soon be removed from their IV fluids and attempt bottle feedings. If I was a betting man, as Bryan would say, we predict Avery will be home in the next two weeks, Camdyn soon behind her and Emily last but not least. Don’t underestimate the small fry. But, we have to be reminded that these babies are still gestationally 32 weeks old.

They have to meet four criteria to be ready to go home:
1. Maintain their body temperature in a crib with clothes and blankets on.
2. Stable heart rate
3. Weight of 4 pounds or more
4. Complete all bottle feedings in a 24-hour period

(top) Avery 3.14

(middle) Camdyn 3.7

and (bottom) Emily 3.1 – She entered the 3 pound club today! I love this pic. Daddy took this tonight and caught her in mid-yawn.

2. Mom (me πŸ™‚ ) – I am slowly feeling better. I have to remind myself that I just gave birth 10 days ago…to triplets! After being on bed rest for six weeks, I am running on adrenline and forget about the fact that those cute little ones were taken out of my belly. I still look at them and wonder where the heck they fit! I really was blessed with a wonderful pregnancy for this situation and I thank God for that experience everyday. But, I do thank God that I am getting my body back and beginning to feel normal again too. I have been pumping like crazy and the nurses at the NICU finally told me that I had two shelves full in their frig and I could not bring anymore for at least five days. They attribute their quick growth to the fact they are getting my milk and I am blessed to be able to aid in their development at this very moment. Is it inconveient? Painful? Weird? All of the above πŸ™‚ So, when I am not resting or seeing my girls below is a picture of how busy I have been since I came home last Wednesday. This pic is one days worth!

3. Mimi (holding Avery) and Papa (Camdyn), Nana and Aunt Amanda (with Avery) got to hold Avery. I think they enjoyed it to say the least.Β Miss Emily is not left out. Just timing was good between feedings for these two when we took these pics over the weekend.

One week old celebration!

Our babies are one week old today! It’s hard to imagine that just seven short days ago we were up at 6AM and Dr. Mirabile told us that the babies were on their way. It has been a quick week in some regards and very long in others. After six days in the hospital we were ready to be home. I am still recovering but after six weeks on bed rest I am finally beginning to feel like myself again and I have no doubts these girls are the reason to celebrate. The human body is amazing in how it knows what do to before and how to recover after having three babies. Bryan and I are trying to focus on getting rest as much as we can between seeing the girls and calling all our NICU nurses to check on them. So, needless to say we can still see bags under our eyes πŸ™‚

We are blessed with an amazing staff of nurses at the Mercy NICU. We are learning them all by name and we are thankful one nurse cares for Avery and Camdyn and one nurse for Emily. I wish they could all be in the same room but there is just not enough space for them to all be together. These nurses are some very special people and we are thankful for them everyday.

Here is how your prayers have impacted our girls in such a positive way as of their week old birthdays:
1. All of the girls are still on no assistance for breathing!
2. They are occassionally still “tanning” but that is normal
3. They are all feeding on my milk and increasing their feedings every day. They have this nifty little machine that feeds them through a feeding tube continuously every two hours and they are taking it like champs!
4. Regular bowel movements. Okay, sounds weird, but it’s a blessing to pray for poop! Once they eat, its important for them to go to the bathroom and thankfully they are all progressing in this department.
5. Pacifers – All the girls are taking a pacifer every now and then. This is important because they are practicing sucking to be ready for a bottle soon.

And lastly, the most important prayer answered….They are all gaining weight! As to be expected, many babies lose weight when they are born and it takes a few days to gain it back. Premies are especially effected by this, but my girls (yes, I will brag) are doing fantastic.

Avery is back to her birth weight of 3.7. Camdyn is 3.2 and our little Emily is growing not so little anymore. She has actually gained her birth weight back (2.11) plus 3 ounces so she is now just a few ounces away from 3lbs!

The neonatologist on staff today called us at 8:00 a.m. (which those calls make your heart drop) and said that pretty much they are doing great and the focus is for them to continue to increase their feedings, gain weight and GO HOME SOON. Just hearing that made me so happy that the specialist is so optimistic about our girls.

Bryan and I are in love with our girls. It is magical to see them change everyday and grow. We still are figuring out who looks like who…We will let you be the judge. The pictures below are in order: Avery, Camdyn and Emily. (Camdyn and Emily are the identical twins, which we really can’t tell that even right now).

I have held all of the girls several times, we have changed diapers (yes, Bryan too) and we look at their nursery with much different eyes now. We cannot wait for them to be home. We are holding up, but I will admit a few breakdowns out of the middle of nowhere have come from me. Mostly happiness, but of course worry and concern.

Please pray for their ultrasounds they had today on their brains. The head nurse, Bonnie, told us not to worry that it was routine for a seven day old in the NICU. But, of coruse we worry. This is their little heads you know.

Here are a few more pictures..We will post more soon! Thanks again for all the love and support. We have no idea what we would do without family, friends and the wonderful medical team that has taken care of me and the girls.

Coming home…with our girls in our lives

I am naming this post “coming home with our girls in our lives,” because it is a celebration… period. They are in our lives and although we did not welcome them home tonight, they are already home in our hearts. We are exhausted emotionally and physically, but we cannot deny how big our hearts feel at this moment that we have daughters that are beautiful, strong and showing us such strength.

Thank you for all the wonderful messages, prayers, and constant support especially today. Bryan and I both feel peace in our hearts that they are being well cared for and that God is providing each and everyday. Tomorrow, they will be five days old. It has been the best five days of my life and I know Bryan would agree. As people of faith, we have seen God in the eyes of our little Emily, Avery and Camdyn.

Let me give you an update on how powerful your prayers are and how they are being answered:

1. All girls are off assisted breathing except for basic oxygen in their nose.
2. All the girls’ EKG came back with wonderful results that the medicine to close their little heart valves worked like a charm. This was huge!
3. Emily, our smallest, but don’t let that fool you – Took a feeding for the very first time and took every last drop! They give their feeding through a tiny tube in their nose over a period of time. The nurse said that most times on the first try that babies will not take it all. Not our hungry girl!
4. All girls had to “go to the bathroom” in order to “advance” to a feeding. Emily led the way and Avery and Camdyn will start their feedings tomorrow morning.
5. All girls had to endure PIC lines for central feeding and took it like champ. The best part of that is that it gave us the opportunity to hold them yesterday.
6. Skin to skin is the best feeling in the world with your new babies. Both Bryan and I participated in placing at least one of the girls on our bare chest in a little pouch of our shirts just like a “joey” kangaroo. It was a moment I will never forget.

And lastly, a blessing that may seem a little odd but it is truly a miracle is that I am already producing breast milk. This is huge and I have been able to supply the nurses with what the girls need for more than enough days, so I just continue to keep on providing what they need.

Bryan and I are going to take this day by day with the help of amazing family, friends and a wonderfully capable team of medical professionals at Mercy who have already won our hearts for being true advocates for our daughters. We had amazing care while at Mercy including our fantastic perinatalogist, Dr. Charles Mirabile who we endearly call Chuck. Yes, we have called him Chuck πŸ™‚

I know you are all dying for pictures and now that we are home, I can start posting the best of the best of our new family of five! I will have many more to post in the next few days! Don’t ask who is who right now πŸ™‚ We will label the rest later. These were taken right in the delivery room. My favorite is of course of daddy holding what we think is Avery…

Our little Valentines: Avery, Emily & Camdyn

For everyone who loves to have a sweetheart on Valentines Day how about having three! Bryan and I are so in love with these girls it’s by far the best holiday yet. We still have held our angels but soon enough. They are thriving and doing very well. Here is a quick recap of our day and photos you are all expecting!

– All girls are off CPAP machines and only on very little oxygen through small nasal cannulas.

occasionally taking a pacifier and all have great grip with their little


– Still under Billy lights for coloring/jaundice but nothing abnormal.

Emily (formerly known as Baby A) – She is on no assistance breathing at all. For the smallest she is mighty and Bryan calls her his little feisty school yard scrapper!


– She is our calmest baby right now. Knows how
to soothe herself and her other sisters should take notes!

Avery (baby c) – Is sassy and vocal! For the gal with the most room she sure demands her space to stretch out.

As for who they look like? Not too sure yet. The twins seem to have my nose and Avery has daddy’s.

Prayer needed: They had EKG tests to check their hearts. While they are in my tummy their heart valves are open. Babies like ours that are premature may take a while for those to close naturally after birth on their own. The neonatologist told us they are still open and medication will assist with them closing. They will all start those medicines immediately. He said it was normal for these girls and expects it to work well. Please pray they progress and their little hearts to thrive.

We have some pics but technology is not cooperating tonight so hopefully I can post tomorrow!!!

The Big Day!! Feb 12, 2011

The best day of our lives came just about 30 short hours ago. The birth of daughters:
Emily Ray at 8:06am weighing a resilient 2lbs. 11oz.
Camdyn Lea at 8:07am weighing 3lbs 2 oz.
Avery Lynn at 8:08 weighing 3lbs 7 oz.

All girls are doing amazing and require very minimal assistance but will remain in the NICU for a while. I have yet to hold them which is very hard but just to touch their hands and see them thrive is amazing and reassuring. God is so good!

Thursday evening about 8pm I was not feeling so great so the doctor asked I come to the hospital to be checked out. We spent Thursday evening in the triage area to be monitored until we could see Dr Mirabile Friday. Once we did see him he said that he anticipated the girls would be here within the week. We had no idea that was going to be the very next morning!

He came in at 6:30am Saturday February 12 and said” it’s birthday time!”. We were in shock and called the troops. Within an hour and half the girls were born and it has been a beautiful ride for this day and a half.

When I can I will post pictures. The girl are under heat lamps tanning, well that is what it looks like, and have little glasses on and very small tubes in them. We have given them time to be well cared for by a wonderful team of nurses and been able send in grandparents and aunts and uncles in for reinforced love in between.

We truly believe these are miracle babies and they continue to live outside of me the way the way they did on the inside. Each developing their own personalities and traits which leave us in amazement and true comfort that they are God’s children.

With all the wonderful prayers and constant love our family and friends have provided they have assisted bringing these girls into then world. Just like the saying, “it takes a village to raise a…..”
We need specific prayers for them to meet milestones, grow and breath well, and be healthy girls.

From a happy and blessed mommy and daddy, welcome to the world my baby girls!!!

Major Milestones: 30 weeks today

Today is a major milestone. No, its not that it has snowed again across the state and being stuck inside. But, you folks are getting just a taste of the “stir craziness” I am experiencing being stuck inside!

The milestone is that I am 30 weeks today! We went to the doctor yesterday and we were blessed with another great report. I have had no physical change since the last appointment about a week ago, so I am back home again. Doc scheduled the girls delivery optimistically for March 11. If you are doing calculations, that is another four weeks from today. He realistically thinks that I will not last that long and we should see some further progression in the next couple of weeks. My prediction is by week 32 we may meet our girls. I would like to dodge going into actual labor, but I think mother nature may have something else in mind if we are not able to schedule it. My brother Grant’s birthday is February 25 so I hope that I can dodget that day as well so everyone has their own special birthday πŸ™‚

The twins (A and B) were a little over 3lbs each and C was 3.10! Doc said there is not much difference between 30 and 31 weeks, but there is 31-32, so we are shooting for holding out for at least two more weeks. I hit a milestone as well, I have gained roughly 50 lbs! Staying home and eating all day has done the babies some good.

Here is one of the best profile pics of one of the girls we have to date. This is one of the twins, so imagine if you know what she looks like than one of her sister’s looks just like her because they are identical! And FYI, that is not hair on her head. It is dark in that spot from where they navigate the ultrasound.

Reflection: Week 4 and the Bed Rest Blues

I completed week four of bed rest. The first two weeks I
still had a lot of energy. It was good to stay busy working from
home and just take it easy. Week three proved to be a little harder
both physically and mentally. Each doctor’s appointment seemed to
change the situation a little bit, so we didn’t know what to expect
from week to week. Each week, we have been pleasantly surprised how
well I am still doing and how Doc has trusted for me to be at home
these past two weeks especially. Again, I am very lucky for all the
wonderful messages from friends and family. Bryan has been a great
partner and I have great parents and in-laws that have helped out
so much since I have been “parked” at home. The part of bed rest
that I am trying to keep in perspective is the outcome and the
intention of why I am supposed to be resting. I have been literally
inside our house for a month and only out for weekly doctor’s
appointments. I look forward to showering, doing my hair and
putting on a little makeup when I do get to go out. It really can
do a number on your emotions to be inside secluded from being
social, even just driving a car which I have not done in four
weeks! I go through ebbs and flows of being in disbelief that this
is really just around the corner to meet the girls. I can’t wait
for them to be here and I am ready to not be pregnant anymore! Here
are a few things that I will be glad to have back: – Ability to
shave my legs without being out of breath – My hair color lasting
longer than two weeks. I swear hormones do something to your hair
color! – Sleeping on my back – A walk around the block for fresh
air – Able to get my wedding rings off. This is where the saugage
fingers come in πŸ™‚ – Ability to bend over and tie my shoes What I
will not miss about pregnancy: – All the aches: back, neck, hips –
Although the kicking was very cool at first, it does not feel very
good at this point with six arms, six legs, three bottoms and three
heads trying to get out of you. Atleast that is what it feels like!
-Stuffy nose. That is an understatement. I will not miss being this
congested or the nose bleeds. -The anxiety of doctor’s
appointments. I am sure most women worry about their baby, but this
is so magnified and the anxiety associated with an appointment
every two weeks and then every week is alot to handle and go about
planning for their arrival. You have three that you wait for their
heartbeats, brain scans, fluids levels, to see their
faces, to have their arms and legs measured and to see them
practicing breathing. What I will miss about being pregnant: – The
overall amazement about how the human body was made to be pulled
and stretched and rearranged like this! I have been in awe of how
God knew that women could be strong to handle this and I have been
even a little amazed at myself, Bryan and our families about how
well it has been embraced. – Although I won’t miss the anxiety of
the appointments, I will miss seeing them grow inside me since we
have seen ultrasounds every appointment since week 6. Now, I will
get to see them grow before my eyes. – Reminded everyday how faith
and prayer plays such a huge role in your life. I won’t miss this it will continue to grow, but it has been a blessing and constant reminder during this time.
One that has given my heart peace and comfort. I have really been
blessed these past months to have a blessed and healthy pregnancy. I knew
eventually it would catch up with me in these last weeks.
Hopefully, my next post will be telling everyone when these girls
will have a birthday. We are hoping to narrow it down next week
based on how I am doing. Week 30 is a huge milestone and Doc thinks
I can still make it to 34. I can’t imagine, but whatever is best
for the girls. Pray for the severe weather to stay far enough away
that if we needed to get to the hospital quickly that we can! Enjoy
this pic that was taken just a few days ago at 29 weeks and a few
days. Those of you with your sweet compliments that I look like
“all belly” I appreciate it, but seriously check this out!