Reflection: Week 4 and the Bed Rest Blues

I completed week four of bed rest. The first two weeks I
still had a lot of energy. It was good to stay busy working from
home and just take it easy. Week three proved to be a little harder
both physically and mentally. Each doctor’s appointment seemed to
change the situation a little bit, so we didn’t know what to expect
from week to week. Each week, we have been pleasantly surprised how
well I am still doing and how Doc has trusted for me to be at home
these past two weeks especially. Again, I am very lucky for all the
wonderful messages from friends and family. Bryan has been a great
partner and I have great parents and in-laws that have helped out
so much since I have been “parked” at home. The part of bed rest
that I am trying to keep in perspective is the outcome and the
intention of why I am supposed to be resting. I have been literally
inside our house for a month and only out for weekly doctor’s
appointments. I look forward to showering, doing my hair and
putting on a little makeup when I do get to go out. It really can
do a number on your emotions to be inside secluded from being
social, even just driving a car which I have not done in four
weeks! I go through ebbs and flows of being in disbelief that this
is really just around the corner to meet the girls. I can’t wait
for them to be here and I am ready to not be pregnant anymore! Here
are a few things that I will be glad to have back: – Ability to
shave my legs without being out of breath – My hair color lasting
longer than two weeks. I swear hormones do something to your hair
color! – Sleeping on my back – A walk around the block for fresh
air – Able to get my wedding rings off. This is where the saugage
fingers come in 🙂 – Ability to bend over and tie my shoes What I
will not miss about pregnancy: – All the aches: back, neck, hips –
Although the kicking was very cool at first, it does not feel very
good at this point with six arms, six legs, three bottoms and three
heads trying to get out of you. Atleast that is what it feels like!
-Stuffy nose. That is an understatement. I will not miss being this
congested or the nose bleeds. -The anxiety of doctor’s
appointments. I am sure most women worry about their baby, but this
is so magnified and the anxiety associated with an appointment
every two weeks and then every week is alot to handle and go about
planning for their arrival. You have three that you wait for their
heartbeats, brain scans, fluids levels, to see their
faces, to have their arms and legs measured and to see them
practicing breathing. What I will miss about being pregnant: – The
overall amazement about how the human body was made to be pulled
and stretched and rearranged like this! I have been in awe of how
God knew that women could be strong to handle this and I have been
even a little amazed at myself, Bryan and our families about how
well it has been embraced. – Although I won’t miss the anxiety of
the appointments, I will miss seeing them grow inside me since we
have seen ultrasounds every appointment since week 6. Now, I will
get to see them grow before my eyes. – Reminded everyday how faith
and prayer plays such a huge role in your life. I won’t miss this it will continue to grow, but it has been a blessing and constant reminder during this time.
One that has given my heart peace and comfort. I have really been
blessed these past months to have a blessed and healthy pregnancy. I knew
eventually it would catch up with me in these last weeks.
Hopefully, my next post will be telling everyone when these girls
will have a birthday. We are hoping to narrow it down next week
based on how I am doing. Week 30 is a huge milestone and Doc thinks
I can still make it to 34. I can’t imagine, but whatever is best
for the girls. Pray for the severe weather to stay far enough away
that if we needed to get to the hospital quickly that we can! Enjoy
this pic that was taken just a few days ago at 29 weeks and a few
days. Those of you with your sweet compliments that I look like
“all belly” I appreciate it, but seriously check this out!

1 thought on “Reflection: Week 4 and the Bed Rest Blues”

  1. You really look adorable! Can’t wait to see you guys when the girls arrive. You’re doing a great job~

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