Major Milestones: 30 weeks today

Today is a major milestone. No, its not that it has snowed again across the state and being stuck inside. But, you folks are getting just a taste of the “stir craziness” I am experiencing being stuck inside!

The milestone is that I am 30 weeks today! We went to the doctor yesterday and we were blessed with another great report. I have had no physical change since the last appointment about a week ago, so I am back home again. Doc scheduled the girls delivery optimistically for March 11. If you are doing calculations, that is another four weeks from today. He realistically thinks that I will not last that long and we should see some further progression in the next couple of weeks. My prediction is by week 32 we may meet our girls. I would like to dodge going into actual labor, but I think mother nature may have something else in mind if we are not able to schedule it. My brother Grant’s birthday is February 25 so I hope that I can dodget that day as well so everyone has their own special birthday 🙂

The twins (A and B) were a little over 3lbs each and C was 3.10! Doc said there is not much difference between 30 and 31 weeks, but there is 31-32, so we are shooting for holding out for at least two more weeks. I hit a milestone as well, I have gained roughly 50 lbs! Staying home and eating all day has done the babies some good.

Here is one of the best profile pics of one of the girls we have to date. This is one of the twins, so imagine if you know what she looks like than one of her sister’s looks just like her because they are identical! And FYI, that is not hair on her head. It is dark in that spot from where they navigate the ultrasound.

1 thought on “Major Milestones: 30 weeks today”

  1. YEAH!! Congrats girl. You are doing such a wonderful job taking care of the girls. She is beautiful and I know the other two will be as well! Keep the updates coming!

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