The Big Day!! Feb 12, 2011

The best day of our lives came just about 30 short hours ago. The birth of daughters:
Emily Ray at 8:06am weighing a resilient 2lbs. 11oz.
Camdyn Lea at 8:07am weighing 3lbs 2 oz.
Avery Lynn at 8:08 weighing 3lbs 7 oz.

All girls are doing amazing and require very minimal assistance but will remain in the NICU for a while. I have yet to hold them which is very hard but just to touch their hands and see them thrive is amazing and reassuring. God is so good!

Thursday evening about 8pm I was not feeling so great so the doctor asked I come to the hospital to be checked out. We spent Thursday evening in the triage area to be monitored until we could see Dr Mirabile Friday. Once we did see him he said that he anticipated the girls would be here within the week. We had no idea that was going to be the very next morning!

He came in at 6:30am Saturday February 12 and said” it’s birthday time!”. We were in shock and called the troops. Within an hour and half the girls were born and it has been a beautiful ride for this day and a half.

When I can I will post pictures. The girl are under heat lamps tanning, well that is what it looks like, and have little glasses on and very small tubes in them. We have given them time to be well cared for by a wonderful team of nurses and been able send in grandparents and aunts and uncles in for reinforced love in between.

We truly believe these are miracle babies and they continue to live outside of me the way the way they did on the inside. Each developing their own personalities and traits which leave us in amazement and true comfort that they are God’s children.

With all the wonderful prayers and constant love our family and friends have provided they have assisted bringing these girls into then world. Just like the saying, “it takes a village to raise a…..”
We need specific prayers for them to meet milestones, grow and breath well, and be healthy girls.

From a happy and blessed mommy and daddy, welcome to the world my baby girls!!!

2 thoughts on “The Big Day!! Feb 12, 2011”

  1. Congratulations! Thank you for taking the time to write this. We are all so happy for you and your little blessings. We will continue to pray for your healing and that the girls will continue to grow.

  2. Congratulations Bryan and Stephanie! We are so thankful for the arrival of three healthy little girls. What a blessing!! Can’t wait to see them in person. Michael and Amanda have been sending us pictures ~ they are beautiful!

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