Our little Valentines: Avery, Emily & Camdyn

For everyone who loves to have a sweetheart on Valentines Day how about having three! Bryan and I are so in love with these girls it’s by far the best holiday yet. We still have held our angels but soon enough. They are thriving and doing very well. Here is a quick recap of our day and photos you are all expecting!

– All girls are off CPAP machines and only on very little oxygen through small nasal cannulas.

occasionally taking a pacifier and all have great grip with their little


– Still under Billy lights for coloring/jaundice but nothing abnormal.

Emily (formerly known as Baby A) – She is on no assistance breathing at all. For the smallest she is mighty and Bryan calls her his little feisty school yard scrapper!


– She is our calmest baby right now. Knows how
to soothe herself and her other sisters should take notes!

Avery (baby c) – Is sassy and vocal! For the gal with the most room she sure demands her space to stretch out.

As for who they look like? Not too sure yet. The twins seem to have my nose and Avery has daddy’s.

Prayer needed: They had EKG tests to check their hearts. While they are in my tummy their heart valves are open. Babies like ours that are premature may take a while for those to close naturally after birth on their own. The neonatologist told us they are still open and medication will assist with them closing. They will all start those medicines immediately. He said it was normal for these girls and expects it to work well. Please pray they progress and their little hearts to thrive.

We have some pics but technology is not cooperating tonight so hopefully I can post tomorrow!!!

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