One week old celebration!

Our babies are one week old today! It’s hard to imagine that just seven short days ago we were up at 6AM and Dr. Mirabile told us that the babies were on their way. It has been a quick week in some regards and very long in others. After six days in the hospital we were ready to be home. I am still recovering but after six weeks on bed rest I am finally beginning to feel like myself again and I have no doubts these girls are the reason to celebrate. The human body is amazing in how it knows what do to before and how to recover after having three babies. Bryan and I are trying to focus on getting rest as much as we can between seeing the girls and calling all our NICU nurses to check on them. So, needless to say we can still see bags under our eyes šŸ™‚

We are blessed with an amazing staff of nurses at the Mercy NICU. We are learning them all by name and we are thankful one nurse cares for Avery and Camdyn and one nurse for Emily. I wish they could all be in the same room but there is just not enough space for them to all be together. These nurses are some very special people and we are thankful for them everyday.

Here is how your prayers have impacted our girls in such a positive way as of their week old birthdays:
1. All of the girls are still on no assistance for breathing!
2. They are occassionally still “tanning” but that is normal
3. They are all feeding on my milk and increasing their feedings every day. They have this nifty little machine that feeds them through a feeding tube continuously every two hours and they are taking it like champs!
4. Regular bowel movements. Okay, sounds weird, but it’s a blessing to pray for poop! Once they eat, its important for them to go to the bathroom and thankfully they are all progressing in this department.
5. Pacifers – All the girls are taking a pacifer every now and then. This is important because they are practicing sucking to be ready for a bottle soon.

And lastly, the most important prayer answered….They are all gaining weight! As to be expected, many babies lose weight when they are born and it takes a few days to gain it back. Premies are especially effected by this, but my girls (yes, I will brag) are doing fantastic.

Avery is back to her birth weight of 3.7. Camdyn is 3.2 and our little Emily is growing not so little anymore. She has actually gained her birth weight back (2.11) plus 3 ounces so she is now just a few ounces away from 3lbs!

The neonatologist on staff today called us at 8:00 a.m. (which those calls make your heart drop) and said that pretty much they are doing great and the focus is for them to continue to increase their feedings, gain weight and GO HOME SOON. Just hearing that made me so happy that the specialist is so optimistic about our girls.

Bryan and I are in love with our girls. It is magical to see them change everyday and grow. We still are figuring out who looks like who…We will let you be the judge. The pictures below are in order: Avery, Camdyn and Emily. (Camdyn and Emily are the identical twins, which we really can’t tell that even right now).

I have held all of the girls several times, we have changed diapers (yes, Bryan too) and we look at their nursery with much different eyes now. We cannot wait for them to be home. We are holding up, but I will admit a few breakdowns out of the middle of nowhere have come from me. Mostly happiness, but of course worry and concern.

Please pray for their ultrasounds they had today on their brains. The head nurse, Bonnie, told us not to worry that it was routine for a seven day old in the NICU. But, of coruse we worry. This is their little heads you know.

Here are a few more pictures..We will post more soon! Thanks again for all the love and support. We have no idea what we would do without family, friends and the wonderful medical team that has taken care of me and the girls.

6 thoughts on “One week old celebration!”

  1. okay, this blog got me, tears tears…. what a beautifully written blog, tired , exhausted no matter
    what you know how to express yourself, and I have no doubt that the girls will be the same way…
    You both have impressed me and touched me, watching
    this experience being handled so wonderfully and faith.
    I love these little girls more than anything.. I cant
    wait to take them to the park, and teach them to learn
    and laugh and just enjoy life and love their mimi and papa… What a gift you have been given and us as well

  2. They are true miracles! They are absolutely beautiful! I can’t wait to meet them. Steph you are going to be the greatest mom ever! Love you all lots!

    1. Oh my gosh. I just love reading your blog. You are such a fantastic writer. Of course, I would notice that since I taught English for 29 years. Ha! Your girls are so precious and you are so unbelievably blessed. I bet your mom and dad are in heaven. Take care of those sweet little girls, yourself, and Bryan. Enjoy them and cherish them. Time is fleeting. Lauren graduated from Tech last year and now my baby is a senior and will be heading off to college in the fall. I will be honest with you. I don’t know what I will do with an empty house. I have been “Mom” the caretaker, the driver, and nurse…..for so long. We are having some cute little things for the girls monogrammed so it will take a while to get them. All of our love…..Tim, Ronda, Lauren, and Jarrett

  3. Steph-
    I love reading your blog. The pics are adorable. They look so alert! I can’t wait to meet them. You and Bryan are going to be great parents. The girls are so lucky to have you both in their lives. Congrats to you both! Chat soon!


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