Our little over achievers – Day 10

We continue to be amazed at our little girls. It is only day 10 and Avery, Camdyn and Emily are surpassing milestones everyday. I think Bryan and I have said, “Can you believe this is our family? or Can you believe these are our little girls?” on the way home from the hospital everyday.  We feel so lucky they are all thriving right now.

Here is the Day 10 update:

1. The Girls: The great news we got today was not only about their weights, but the news that Avery may be only three or four days away from being ready to be in a crib! This is huge. Also, all the girls are going up on their feedings. Both Avery and Camdyn will soon be removed from their IV fluids and attempt bottle feedings. If I was a betting man, as Bryan would say, we predict Avery will be home in the next two weeks, Camdyn soon behind her and Emily last but not least. Don’t underestimate the small fry. But, we have to be reminded that these babies are still gestationally 32 weeks old.

They have to meet four criteria to be ready to go home:
1. Maintain their body temperature in a crib with clothes and blankets on.
2. Stable heart rate
3. Weight of 4 pounds or more
4. Complete all bottle feedings in a 24-hour period

(top) Avery 3.14

(middle) Camdyn 3.7

and (bottom) Emily 3.1 – She entered the 3 pound club today! I love this pic. Daddy took this tonight and caught her in mid-yawn.

2. Mom (me 🙂 ) – I am slowly feeling better. I have to remind myself that I just gave birth 10 days ago…to triplets! After being on bed rest for six weeks, I am running on adrenline and forget about the fact that those cute little ones were taken out of my belly. I still look at them and wonder where the heck they fit! I really was blessed with a wonderful pregnancy for this situation and I thank God for that experience everyday. But, I do thank God that I am getting my body back and beginning to feel normal again too. I have been pumping like crazy and the nurses at the NICU finally told me that I had two shelves full in their frig and I could not bring anymore for at least five days. They attribute their quick growth to the fact they are getting my milk and I am blessed to be able to aid in their development at this very moment. Is it inconveient? Painful? Weird? All of the above 🙂 So, when I am not resting or seeing my girls below is a picture of how busy I have been since I came home last Wednesday. This pic is one days worth!

3. Mimi (holding Avery) and Papa (Camdyn), Nana and Aunt Amanda (with Avery) got to hold Avery. I think they enjoyed it to say the least. Miss Emily is not left out. Just timing was good between feedings for these two when we took these pics over the weekend.

6 thoughts on “Our little over achievers – Day 10”

  1. You might want to think about implanting tracking chips in the girls. There’s been talk from Jen about wanting to kidnap one of them! They are so precious, Stephanie.

  2. Way to go Steph. That pumping is tough and painful but obviously so wonderful. You are a great mom. Take care of yourself!

  3. Oh my goodness…what a wonderful update!
    Donna told me last night she got to see the babies.
    She said of course they are absolutely adorable!
    Can’t wait to see you all!

  4. I could not be more proud of you for pumping and getting those precious babies the best stuff available! who cares about the fridge at the hospital! Pump away my dear, buy a deep freezer!

    You are all in my prayers every night and I am miss those girls I have never met!

  5. Your 3 little girls are so adorable and are doing so well! What a blessing! It’s awesome that you are able to pump so much milk too!
    I’m so excited for you all! Praying for you and you family!

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