Miss Emily Ray Coy

I thought I would do a post on each one of our girls, so you can start to get to know them as we are each day.

Emily Ray Coy is our littlest miracle. She was 2.11 when she was born and now she is 3.3! She is my smallest and she is the oldest! This sister came out first at 8:06 a.m. She is one half of the identical, Camdyn.  We are pretty sure they look identical, but because they are not in the same room and we have not laid them side by side, we have not had a clear look at all their features to know for sure.

She was my baby that they say was “closest to the exit” for a long time. When someone kicked hard, it was more than likely her. She got really comfortable laying so low down in my belly very early on and never moved. It was like she knew the way out and she was not going back 🙂

She was our Baby A. The one that we always kept a special eye on during pregnancy. She was also the baby with the two-vessel cord that we needed to make sure was getting the nutrients just as sister (Baby B) Camdyn was at the time.

She was always the baby that moved and squirmed when trying to get profile pics of her. She was the one that always had us on eggshells when they needed to get pics of her heart, brain and when we watched her breath for the first time inside my belly.

But, what we are learning about Miss Em, Emmie, Emmie Bear, is that she is turning out to be exactly who we think she is…

Even being the smallest, she is our fighter. She wants to make sure that you have not ruled her out in the race. When her sisters have made progress she is neck and neck with them in that fight. Her nurses love her little personality.

She has dark hair, darling blue eyes that will focus on you when you are talking and you cannot help but just love how ity bity she is…Of course, we want that to change…quickly, but she is doing so awesome and we are so proud of her.

She was the first to have her pic line out. They are now upping her feedings and she is very close to what sisters are getting. They are fortifying my milk to give her an extra boost so she can continue to gain weight.

Currently, Emily shares a room with a special little boy, Ty. Ty is a premie also and is currently on a ventilator after being born early and having heart surgery. We always say a prayer for Ty when we go spend time with Emily.

I hope some of Emily’s fighting personailty rubs off on baby Ty.

Here are a few pics of Emily Ray, our Baby A 🙂

9 thoughts on “Miss Emily Ray Coy”

  1. precious, precious, I know that these girls are going
    to be strong spirited , courageous, and opinionated and
    change this world in a positive way no doubt. If trusting God were ever an issue, that is a thing of the past.
    My daughter was a miracle to me and now these girls are out miracle to her and our whole family.

    Love Love them MIMI

  2. Oh…how sweet she is and how proud you must be of her!
    Thank you for sharing and letting us be a part of this wonderful experience!

  3. Tears. What a tough little cookie! I bet you are so proud of her. She’s so alert! I will say a prayer for Ty, too. Thank you for the update on sweet Baby A!

  4. I LOOVE this! thanks so much for posting info on one of the beautiful girls each day! I look forward to reading!

    ps. We are still praying that they grow to be big and strong and that you get to take your sweet girls home soon!

  5. Great idea with the baby bios! You will cherish these memories forever….and when u r old and grey, this blog will help you to remember. 🙂

    Love this little angel!

  6. I love that you’re doing this so much! What a wonderful blessing to know so much about each little gal and that they have a powerful story to tell even now.

  7. After meeting Miss Emily for the first time today, your mom has described you exactly. You are just precious. You are a little amazing girl who is “small but mighty.” She was the only one that I got to see her eyes because the other two girls were sunbathing under the phototheraphy lamp with their shades on. Emily was so alert to us
    talking to her. I was truly amazed. I had such an awesome day for me. I am so glad I got to meet Emily and the rest of the crew! My boys are going to fight over these girls when they all get older. 🙂

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