Miss Camdyn Lea Coy

Better known as Baby B and one-half of the identical twins (Emily Ray’s counterpart), Miss Camdyn Lea Coy came into the world right in the middle at 8:07 a.m. on February 12 and weighed 3.2.

After sharing a “room” with her sister Emily for seven and half months, Camdyn is exuding qualities that are very similiar to how I recall her during pregnancy.

I have already coined her as my little peacemaker. She is already very alert and observant. Almost as if she is sizing up the situation before she makes a decision about something. If that is anything like me, she is analyzing the heck of the situation before she can form an opinion. She is the calmest out of the sisters. She seems very content and happy. Doesn’t make any big fuses and was not much of a kicker or wild woman in my belly. She knew how to make her way up in my rib cage at times, but now I think that was just so she could be out of the way and possibly observe her surroundings alot better 🙂

She is the one that most people say, “I love the name Camdyn.” Not that Avery and Emily are not darling names, but Camdyn is pretty unique but does not carry any true real meaning to her name. I think that is because her meaning will be left up to how she grows as a young lady.

I see our little peacemaker breaking up the fights between her sisters, being the voice of reason, and our little girl who says more with her actions than words. I see her sisters, especially Avery, being more vocal.

Of course these are all predictions and I know over time they will all develop into their own little personalities and be wonderful little baby girls.

Side note: Both Camdyn and Avery have been moved to the “A” Quad of the NICU. This is great news! A Quad is the non-critical side of the NICU. Sister Emily will be moved in the next day or so as well. Just based on their room availability. We are so proud of their progress. They are just a day over 33 weeks. Although technically they are almost three weeks old, gestationally the girls are still as a baby in utero at 33 weeks. They need to learn a lot before they get to come home with us, but the nurses and doctors tell us between 33 and 34 weeks that the light sometimes just turns on for premies and many of those “suck, swallow, breathing” things they need to learn will soon kick on!  We pray it will be soon, but not too soon…When they are ready, we will be ready.

This week has been tougher than the last two for me at least. Maybe its hormones, maybe its the true feelings of the realization of the situation, whatever the reason it is harder to leave them more and more each day. We are so in love with each of them.

Prayer requests: Continue to pray for them to learn, develop and grow. Also, pray for the wonderful doctors and nurses caring for our girls. In addition, we continue to keep the babies who are not doing as well as our girls in our hearts daily.

Up next, Miss Avery…Stay tuned

3 thoughts on “Miss Camdyn Lea Coy”

  1. I got to spend a lot of time today with Camdyn. She was so content just laying there with her legs crossed as I rubbed her feet and held her hand. I was very touched by her calmness. I did shed a few tears while holding her hand. Thinking about how precious these babies are and how thankful I am that they are so healthy. God is great! So glad Aunt Kara got to meet you today sweet girl! 🙂

  2. I don’t think the chills I just got were from being cold!
    It amazes me just how much you have been able to learn about your three little ones already!

  3. Hmmm… some of these qualities remind me a lot of John! I can not wait to see how they grow up and go back to read these. I love you all and think about you every day.

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