Miss Avery Lynn Coy

This will conclude my “prelimenary” assessments of the girls’ personailities with Miss Avery Lynn Coy!

Avery was born at 8:08 a.m. and although she was the biggest she is technically the youngest.  She is my special singleton baby or the fraternal.  She grew in a space of her own and exudes qualities of a gal who is quite the independent.

Today was a big day for Avery.  She is the first to be moved to a big girl crib and out of the dreaded isolette.  We are so proud of her. She now weighs 4.4lbs (3.7 at birth) and has been a rockstar leading the “wolfpack” as Daddy calls them. (No pun intended to my high school mascot 🙂 )  Seems asif she is scoping out the situation in advance for her sisters.

She has just a slightly different look than the other girls, but no doubt she is a Coy girl and looks ALOT like her sisters.  Like most babies, she is a little more vocal than the others and very wiggly.  Which all the girls have a sneaky way of scooting way down their isolettes so much they have to pretty much strap them down so they don’t escape!

Avery means “Elf Counsel or Elf Leader.”  This made Bryan and I laugh so much but in reality it is very true.  She was chosen as the single individual living next to Emily and Camdyn.  It is only fitting that she be coined the leader over the other girls way in advance.  I will be most interested to see her bond with the twins over time and the role she will play as the sort of big, but youngest sister.

She already seems very strong to me both physically and internally.  They say research proves that multiples tend to progress and regress in a pattern that is in line with their sibling’s progress etc.  For example, Avery was always the biggest in weight, but was on oxygen and photo therapy like the rest of the girls.  But, once Avery took off… she took off with her progress.  Ironically, over the past week, we have seen not a regression but a sense of stillness that almost indicates that Avery slowed to allow her sisters to catch up.  Camdyn is just five ounces behind Avery and now Emily is just five ounces behind Camdyn.  It is like intuitive sibling love kicked in and Avery helped set that pace.

I look at her precious features and just adore her pouty little mouth and how her nose is just slightly different from the girls’.

Our money is on this girl to arrive home first.  We are not holding our breath, but we hope it will be within the next two weeks.  The girls are just now 34 weeks gestionally as of today.  They are developing some important mechanisms such as sucking and breathing for bottling feeding and nursing, maintaining their body temperature and gaining consistent weight.  They are all on a mix of breast milk and some type of fortifier to increase their caloric intake.  It is working and we are so thankful.

Prayer Request: Camdyn and Emily are still on photo therapy.  Their levels are still elevated but we pray they come down so they can progress and grow and be in a position like Avery to be in a crib very soon.  Plus, their poor little faces and eyes are getting sick of those foam glasses!!

A selfish prayer request is for Bryan and I.  This is week four in this journey since their birth. They will be a month old on Saturday, March 12.  They are getting excellent care, but it is weighing on our emotions not having them in our arms and at home. Please pray that we maintain grace and strength until that final day comes that they are all home.

Lastly, congrats to my dear childhood friend Jamie Jones, her husband Carl and big brother John. Today, they welcomed Matthew Allen (their second son) into this world.  Mom is doing well and Matthew is being monitored for fluid on his lungs, but I know he will recover beautifully!  Love you all Ronald 🙂

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