Reflection: Month One

Today, Avery, Camdyn and Emily are one month old.  It’s hard to believe that four weeks ago I delivered these three beautiful girls.  It’s also hard to believe that they are not home yet.  But, we continue to celebrate the everyday victories and the improvements they are making.  They are strong little girls.  On the days where we don’t feel so strong they change all of that the moment we see them. 

Bryan and I were just reflecting today about what an amazing ride we have been on together in just three short years.  We also discussed the wonderful, but worrisome responsibility we have embarked on just one month ago today on February 12.

Over the past month, we have driven probably close to 700 or 800 miles just going back and forth to the hospital everyday.  The first two weeks we were still coasting on adrenaline from the delivery and I was still working to recovery physically from such an intense surgery.  The past two weeks, we see this becoming a routine.  Bryan goes to work, I stay home and try and rest for as long as I can without pumping or calling the NICU to check on the girls, go to the hospital and see our beautiful girls, dinner, a little TV to pass the time, call the NICU before we go to bed….And it all starts over the next day. 

For me, I think I have experienced some disconnect that I hope disappears once the girls are home.  To carry these babies, deliver them, and then to not go home with them is such a weird feeling.  As my tummy begins to disappear I have to remind myself I was indeed pregnant and just because I don’t have them home doesn’t mean I have not started being their mommy.  And, when we go to the hospital and I see (almost daily) the women that are wheeled out to the curbside with their new babies to go home and start their lives, I pray that day will come for us…Very soon.

But, I want this post to focus on the great amazing things God has done in our lives the past month with these girls.

 The girls have successfully done the following:

1.  Gone off assisted oxygen.  At birth, all of them were on CPAP and then nasal canulas for about a week.

2. Discontinued photo therapy.  They are happy to say goodbye to those foam glasses and headgear.

3. Two of the girls are out of isolettes and into cribs – Yea Avery and Camdyn.  Sister Emily is right behind them.

4. Each girl has grown over an inch in length!

5. Gained weight! – Avery was 3.7 at birth and now weighs 4.8; Camdy was 3.2 and is now 4.2; and Emily was 2.11 and is now 3.14.  We are so proud of this milestone for all the girls.

6. They are all successfully beginning to bottle feed and/or nurse.

7. Successfully passed head ultrasounds, eye exams and hearing tests!

8. All have been moved from the critical wing of the NICU to “A” Quad. – A+ girls!!!

I look back at their first photos and remember our first glipse of them at birth.  I think we were in denial about how tiny they were and the issues they could have faced from the beginning.  But, they are proving to us everyday how strong and independent they are through this experience.  They are teaching Bryan and I how to grow our faith and how to depend on each other for strength.  We also have wonderful family that are with the girls everyday, so I know even when we are not there they are not alone and being loved.

As we look forward to the next month, my prayer is that they are home.  Secondly, that they are healthy.  Last, that God knows how grateful we are to have been chosen for this great plan.  Oh, and last…That our girls know how much they are loved and how much joy they have brought into the world in just four short weeks. I can’t imagine what the rest of our lives will look like, but I cannot wait!

The picture above is of a cookie cake we took to the NICU nurses today to celebrate their one month birthdays!  The nurses have been so amazing in caring for our girls.  Sweets was the least we can do.  But, we hope to not be bringing these back in four more weeks 🙂

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