New Job: Stay-at-Home Mom

As of next week I will officially play my newest role of stay-at-home mom! The irony is that I will start my first official week with no babies in the house to care for, but I know that will change soon. Last week, I gave my notice to my boss and my wonderful co-workers at the OERB. I don’t think they were too surprised, but it still was not the easiest decision to leave a job I really enjoyed. I know the rewards will be amazing with the girls in our lives now and I feel very blessed to be at home with them.

Over the past ten years, I have taken pride in being successful at my jobs. I have spent these years in public relations, event planning and education focused on how I could excel within the company or organization I worked for and learn as much as I could to advance myself within the industry. It was always important professionally to be respected, be great at what I did and especially be liked by the people I worked with everyday. I have been privelaged to be a part of some great teams over the years. I thrived on having a vision for projects, being helpful to a co-worker and carrying the torch representing the organization in the best light. Networking is the wave of the industry 🙂

In those years, you fight to stay relevant and stay on top of your game for the next best job ahead. I know that hands down this will be the most unique and challenging job I will EVER have…so I am not sure what the next best thing would be than this.

I don’t think I ever saw myself as a 100 percent at-home Mom. But, let’s be honest about how much child care would be for three infants and how challenging it would be to have them ready to be cared for everyday while I went to work for 8-10 hours! I know women who LOVE being at home and women who it does take a while to adjust from career life to home life. I think I will live somewhere in between both of those paths. I think the hardest thing for me will be the interaction and socialization everyday in an office environment. I will get plenty of interaction from my little gals AND I do have great hopes of creating our own kind of freedom from time to time, but it will be different. Blissful, yet different. Target trips, shopping and other errands will require Mimi or Nana to either come along or help be at home while I get out. All of the organizational skills and planning skills I aquired over the years will be put to excellent use for my life with the girls.

I am so thankful that I am able to be home with our girls. My husband is taking on a huge responsibility to primarily care for us four girls. On top of being a new dad, I know that he has a different set of goals as our provider AND, I will have a different set of goals as the at-home mom. I just hope that we have enough energy from caring for these babies to remember to take care of each other 🙂

So, here’s to new adventures, new roles and my newest job as a stay-at-home mom of triplet girls! All that is missing is….the girls! Bring it on!

3 thoughts on “New Job: Stay-at-Home Mom”

  1. you will be a terrific mom no doubt, you have always met challenges in life, and have patience and perseverence
    all your life.
    Your family will be there for you always.


  2. I will miss you so much! However, I wish you the very best on your new adventures and I still want to see those precious babies!!!

  3. You never cease to amaze me! I got to spend a few hours with you yesterday and help with those beautiful girls. They are even cuter in person. Steph, you are an amazing mom already! Even being sleep deprived, you impressed me with your patience. You act as if you have been doing this for years. I know I have told you this before, but not too many woman could do what you are doing. You are awesome!

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