The light is shining at the end of the tunnel

Sunday we got some amazing news.  Our girls are ready to come home!  After almost six long weeks, they are beginning the process of being discharged.  It seems so surreal.  I cannot believe this day has actually arrived.  We are anxious, a little scared, but mostly just overjoyed that we are actually bringing them home.

Avery and Camdyn will come home on Friday and sister Emily will be discharged just a few days later.  To date, it has been 40 days since our adventure began.  Once they all leave it will be close to their two month birthdays.  Girls, we have alot of catching up to do with each other 🙂

Avery has led the pack and officially taken all her bottles, had her feeding tube removed and successfully passed her car seat challenge this week!  The car seat challenge is to prepare them to be in upright positions like in swings, car seats, bouncers etc for an extended period of time.  All girls have been weaned off of their caffeine stimulant and doing really well with their apnea episodes so far.  Camdyn will have her car seat challenge probably in the next 48 hours.

Bryan and I have to “room in” at the hospital Thursday night.  We stay with the girls overnight and go through the feeding routine etc just as if we were at home.  If we need anything or the girls need assistance a nurse will be available.  But, I am hoping it goes smoothly and we leave the next day!

We are looking forward to the days ending where we go up to the hospital EVERYDAY.  The days we long to just have them home.  The nights we call the NICU for an update.  The meetings with the staff about their progress.  They have had excellent care and every milestone they need to meet they met right when the doctors said they would. These little gals are simply amazing.  We know we will have a new set of worries, but we will choose to live in the moment for the time being.  I told Bryan that I want to sit in a wheelchair and be wheeled out of the hospital with my babies in their carriers ready to be picked up curbside just like the other regular moms!  Haha.  I am blessed to be healed for the most part over the past weeks so I care for them to the best of my ability.  God knows what His plan was for this experience and I think he has done us right and rewarded us in good time.

We have learned so much through this experience.  Faith, power of prayer and the amazing gift of patience have been our biggest weapons against all that could have gone wrong.  Secondly, we have amazing family and great friends that have prayed with us and supported us.  We are so grateful.

Once they are all home and finally together I promise to post recent pictures.  You will be so amazed at how much they have changed.  Every feature on their face is absolutely perfect and changing everyday.  What was once a tiny little thing is now a darling, resilient and growing baby girl.  I am forever changed!

2 thoughts on “The light is shining at the end of the tunnel”

  1. For a new grandparent this is a very special time to watch your precious children go through parenting and in that you see the years go through your mind of times that
    are hardest but the very best ever, I am so thankful to
    be able to watch them grow and be an active part in these
    little girls lives.. And so proud of Steph and Bryan.

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