Week Three: Cutie Pies, Crying and Colic

I started this title with the term of endearment for our little gals – Cutie Pies so I remind myself this week how freakin’ cute they are in the midst of crying, screaming, refluxing and colic-y nights.  This has been a tough week.  The girls had their two month old immunizations and the days that followed have been filled with poor little babes with bright red faces with true tears, hurt tummies and sleepless nights.  For new parents, we attempted patience on our best days.  I called the pediatrician several times because that patience ran out…fast.  Hard nights and days are magnified times three, so something had to give. The girls are trying out a reflux medication and we are hopeful that they will get some more peaceful rest.

I have learned how amazing it is that your heart can be filled with so much love when the sun comes up after nights like we had this week. Those sweet girls look at you and smile and its almost like the night of terror never happened.  They are growing so fast and their little features are getting cuter everyday.

We did venture out this week to have their newborn pictures taken.  We traveled to Norman to have Brittany Stover do their pictures and I am so excited to see how they turn out and get some announcements out to friends and family soon.  Yes, they were born almost ten weeks ago but with six weeks in the NICU and three weeks at home we have not had a lot of time for the frilly things 🙂  It felt great to get out this week with them. 

I am so lucky to have such great family that will go anywhere with us and allow us to get out and do anything we need.  We are so blessed. Unfortunately, the times we have gotten out in the past three weeks have been for two funerals.  My great uncle passed away last week, so I traveled to Stillwater for his funeral.  The week before was a memorial service for a young man Bryan knew.    My great uncle was such a wonderful man.  Kind, caring, compassionate and always interested in our lives.  His service was really touching and talked about how important serving others was in his life.  It was a reminder that in the midst of your own hard times to be blessed with those around you and always strive bring light in the lives of others.

I did get out to see one of my best girlfriends who had another little boy.  Well, little is an understatement.  For such a tiny girl, she has some big healthy babies!  Welcome to the world Rex Jay Welker.  Congrats to Sarah, Lee, Cal and Hallie!  The Coy girls are growing their circle of friends…and…boyfriends.

We are also looking for a little extra help during the night and maybe some days.  We need someone with talent that knows how to handle three babies 🙂  Anyone out there?  Mom and Dad need rest and our family needs a break sometimes too!

We also got out over last weekend to enjoy the sunshine while it lastest and debuted the triple decker stroller.  Although it took us half an hour to load them into it and get out the door it was worth the fresh air and traveling the neighborhood as a family.

This post is not the most exciting it could be, but I am lucky that I can reconnect at this moment of the evening to even post something.  As the weeks go on I am working to remind myself to not wish even the hardest of days away. One of the days they will not be babies anymore.  We are soaking up their beautiful faces, tiny hands and feet and loading them up with lots of love and kisses everyday. 

Here are some more pics from last week! Enjoy!

Triple the Love,

Week Two: Two Words – Sleep Deprivation

After the first week, Bryan and I believed we operated on adrenaline to get us through the sleepless nights with the girls first days home.  Week two is a different story.  After going days on end without much sleep, we hit a wall this week.  We are blessed to have our family on a rotating schedule to assist at all hours of the day and night with feedings and fussy restless babies.  Don’t get me wrong…I would never trade a sleepless night for a day back in the NICU.  But, as I may have stated before, this is the hardest job we have ever had.  We hear it gets easier 🙂

Week two brought a lot of crankiness from not only the girls adjusting at home, but Bryan and I adjusting to having them home.  Lack of sleep and just the anxiety of learning their coo’s versus cries, how long it takes to feed each one of them, wondering why they want to party at midnight until about 4am some nights etc.  Bryan likes to say they “get on their brooms” or they are like “mogueys from the Gremlins movie. Can’t feed them after midnight or get them wet because they turn into Gremlins.”

The majorly cranky was Bryan and I.  I have to admit I found myself crying in the kitchen in the middle of the night at times because I was so tired and selfishly not seeing past how hard this job was becoming.  When the sun came up and the girls awake its like a new day and we start again.  We adjust and learn something new about them, their smiles, gestures, personailities and the night before almost seems like it did not occur.  They are wonderful little girls.  We were chosen for this and we have to remind ourselves that He had it planned all along.

Through the non-existent sleep, blessed help from grandparents, aunts and uncles, wonderful food from friends, Bryan and I are learning this path together and reminding ourselves through the frustration of this moment that we are very lucky.  We went out for some alone time this past weekend. Unfortunately, it was to a young man’s memorial service that Bryan knew from the oil and gas industry.  He was only 25 years old and sadly the service fell on his and his twin sister’s birthday.  My heart wept for his parents.  We met them for the first time and in the midst of their tradegy they asked about our girls.  I was shocked but at their request I showed them a picture.  His mother hugged me.  That night was the first night I truly could not imagine losing one of my girls.  No parent should have to do this and it seems lately we know too many of these.  After the service, Bryan and I did enjoy a nice dinner out in Edmond.  Of course, we did what most couples do..Talked about the girls 🙂

So, between sleepless nights, achey necks and backs of Bryan’s, another episode of cold sores and mastitis from me we are officially toast!  But, like all parents we have found resilience in our little ones to keep truckin’ on because they are 100 percent worth it.

This week they will be considered officially “Term” babies.  We have seen our pediatrician three times now and she is utterly amazed at their progress over the past two weeks.

Avery is 5’15 and 18 3/4 inches long.  Just eight short weeks ago she was 3.7 pounds and 15 3/4 inches. 

Camdyn is 5’12 and 18.5 inches – from 3.2 and 15.5 inches. 


And never last is Emily who is 5’6 and 18 inches which is up from a shocking 2’11 at birth and 15 inches long!  They are truly amazing babies.  I am not just biased but we hear from doctors all the time we should be so happy about how the Coy girls surpassed all expectations by a landslide.  And…we are!

Today, they had their two month well baby checks which meant shots…lots of shots.  They took them like warriors, but Mommy cried.  Daddy was good at soothing and held their little hands.  Bryan says they are “tougher than boot leather” and he is right.

Enjoy these pics! We love seeing their interaction with each other recently.  They were apart for six weeks, so they are playing catch up!

Please continue to pray for these girls and our health and future challenges ahead as well as their caregivers.

Triple Love,

Stephanie, Bryan, Avery, Emily and Camdyn

Week One: Many Firsts

We have survived week one with the girls home.  Well, barely! Haha.  It has been both wonderful and utterly exhausting.  Having them home is a better trade off than driving to Mercy everyday or calling the NICU every night to check on them.  We knew this would be challenging, but it is really a doozie.  We know we will get this down pat and be super parents before long.  We have had our family over every night taking shifts.  Three girls is a lot to handle but I plan to master it!

We had a lot of great FIRSTS this week.  I thought it would be best to share them in pictures.

1. First and second trip to the pediatrician.  They did excellent. It would of been a hoot if someone filmed Bryan and I getting them ready and loading them in the car.  We walked into the waiting room to many stares and people saying, “Oh my…triplets.” The girls are doing fantastic and growing like crazy.  Their visit today was even better.  Here are their weights: Avery is 5.11, Camdyn is 5.6 and our Lil Sprite Emily is 5.1!  Goodbye four pound babies.

2. First baths at home.  Two out of the three girls managed to somewhat not totally scream through the bath.  Avery didn’t hold back crying. But, they look so cute naked!

3. First time to empty the diaper genie.  In one week, we went through an average of 24 diaper per day. In seven days, that is 168 diapers! Holy crap…No pun intended.

4.  First time to introduce Stella to the girls.  She did great!

5. First time to lay them on the floor together. They coo’d and looked at each other and just kicked their little legs around. It was precious.

More to come…This week has already been better in regards to sleep so we pray the pattern will continue.  Even if we get it for a few nights out of the week I will take it!

Love these girls so much already!

Camdyn (left) Avery (middle) and Emily (right) – 7 weeks old