Week Three: Cutie Pies, Crying and Colic

I started this title with the term of endearment for our little gals – Cutie Pies so I remind myself this week how freakin’ cute they are in the midst of crying, screaming, refluxing and colic-y nights.  This has been a tough week.  The girls had their two month old immunizations and the days that followed have been filled with poor little babes with bright red faces with true tears, hurt tummies and sleepless nights.  For new parents, we attempted patience on our best days.  I called the pediatrician several times because that patience ran out…fast.  Hard nights and days are magnified times three, so something had to give. The girls are trying out a reflux medication and we are hopeful that they will get some more peaceful rest.

I have learned how amazing it is that your heart can be filled with so much love when the sun comes up after nights like we had this week. Those sweet girls look at you and smile and its almost like the night of terror never happened.  They are growing so fast and their little features are getting cuter everyday.

We did venture out this week to have their newborn pictures taken.  We traveled to Norman to have Brittany Stover do their pictures and I am so excited to see how they turn out and get some announcements out to friends and family soon.  Yes, they were born almost ten weeks ago but with six weeks in the NICU and three weeks at home we have not had a lot of time for the frilly things 🙂  It felt great to get out this week with them. 

I am so lucky to have such great family that will go anywhere with us and allow us to get out and do anything we need.  We are so blessed. Unfortunately, the times we have gotten out in the past three weeks have been for two funerals.  My great uncle passed away last week, so I traveled to Stillwater for his funeral.  The week before was a memorial service for a young man Bryan knew.    My great uncle was such a wonderful man.  Kind, caring, compassionate and always interested in our lives.  His service was really touching and talked about how important serving others was in his life.  It was a reminder that in the midst of your own hard times to be blessed with those around you and always strive bring light in the lives of others.

I did get out to see one of my best girlfriends who had another little boy.  Well, little is an understatement.  For such a tiny girl, she has some big healthy babies!  Welcome to the world Rex Jay Welker.  Congrats to Sarah, Lee, Cal and Hallie!  The Coy girls are growing their circle of friends…and…boyfriends.

We are also looking for a little extra help during the night and maybe some days.  We need someone with talent that knows how to handle three babies 🙂  Anyone out there?  Mom and Dad need rest and our family needs a break sometimes too!

We also got out over last weekend to enjoy the sunshine while it lastest and debuted the triple decker stroller.  Although it took us half an hour to load them into it and get out the door it was worth the fresh air and traveling the neighborhood as a family.

This post is not the most exciting it could be, but I am lucky that I can reconnect at this moment of the evening to even post something.  As the weeks go on I am working to remind myself to not wish even the hardest of days away. One of the days they will not be babies anymore.  We are soaking up their beautiful faces, tiny hands and feet and loading them up with lots of love and kisses everyday. 

Here are some more pics from last week! Enjoy!

Triple the Love,

4 thoughts on “Week Three: Cutie Pies, Crying and Colic”

  1. Steph:
    I would love to come help with the girls. If you would like to “schedule” me:-) to come during the day so you could have a couple of hours to get something done or even just to get a couple of hours of sleep, please call me. My phone number is 306-3204. Seriously, I would be honored!
    De Ann Bower

  2. I want to laugh, smile and cry with you! Such beautiful babies, such proud but exhausted parents and family!
    I pray their sleepless nights will turn in to sleeping 8 hours at a time so you can get some rest. One of mine did that the other was 3 1/2 hours on the dot each time!

  3. Hire a night nurse! Or get hooked up at seeking sitters and see if anyone would do nights, even if it was just a couple nights. I can help on Monday’s!

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