First Photos: 9 weeks old

Here are the girls’ first photo shoot!  They were 9 weeks old in these pictures.  So, I guess these are considered my newborn pics.  We had them taken two weeks after the girls came home and it was a trip to get them to Norman and have them taken.  Plus, it was nuts to get them to stay asleep for almost three hours while she took the photos.  Overall, they are precious but I am not a big fan of the little victorian hats! So, feel free to chuckle too. haha Enjoy!

I remember…

The girls are 13 weeks today and each day I look at them I am reminded about how far we have come in the past few weeks.  They have been home with us for almost 8 weeks which is longer than they were in the NICU (6 weeks) so I am thrilled.  Although it has been challenging to say the least I know we would not trade it for the world. Here are a few things I remember and reflect on the road traveled and how time goes by so fast.  God places road blocks in our lives to only be rewarded for being steadfast in our faith, patience and grace in times we need it most.  The reward is awesome so far.

-I remember how the dark line on my belly grew and grew as my belly got larger and larger!  Now, that line is almost gone.  Faded away too quickly.

– I remember first seeing my scar after they delivered all the girls from my belly.  Now, a thin line that is only slightly pink and not looking so prominent.

– Dare I say I remember pumping, pumping and more pumping.  Eight times a day and delivering all the milk in tiny little bottles to all the girls in the NICU.  That milk would be given through a feeding tube.  Now, taking bottles like champs and lots of cries when they are hungry!

– I remember staring at them in the incubators in the hospital.  Now, I get to watch them sleep in their cribs.  When they do 🙂

– I remember how tiny they were and how each night when we got a call report from the NICU we would celebrate their “ounces” they have grown.  Just last week, the girls weighed in at 8.1, 8 and 7.5 pounds! Long way from 3.7, 3.2 and 2.11.

– I remember when I was not sure they would know I was their Mommy.  When they did not come home with us after they were born, I felt so empty and not like a new Mom should.  Now, they calm when I hold them, they are starting to smile when I talk with them…I hope they know who I am and what I would do for them.

– I remember the sleepless nights before they were born.  Back ache, belly ache, side ache, all kinds of aches from no sleep and discomfort.  I remember the sleepless nights coming home without them, calling the NICU to check on them and the day after day visiting them in the hospital.  Now, we really don’t sleep!  But, at least the trade off is so much more rewarding.

– I remember the days where it was just Bryan and I.  And now, a family of family.  An awesome family of five.

Here are few pics of the girls from today.  I had to dress them up to document week 13. (Emily – top, Camdyn – Middle, Avery on Bottom)

Triple the love,


Happy 12 weeks my baby girls!

Today, the Coy girls are officially 12 weeks old!  Although, nine week premature they really operate like a three week old baby.  They all still look like newborns even though they are growing like crazy!  They are getting cute little chubby cheeks and legs and I love that.  Things seem to be getting better.  There are good days and bad days and we still struggle with nights, but I will gladly give the girls credit for growing, being healthy and doing everything a young lil gal should right now 🙂

I had a wondeful first Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Both of our families got together for brunch and celebrated.  So cool that both families enjoy being bonded by these girls and we can all be together.  I felt so spoiled but heck, I did birth three babies recently that has to count for something right? hahaha.  I have been especially hard on myself lately with the issues the girls have been having.  Wondering things like, “What if I could have carried them longer?,” “What if I could have breastfed longer,”  “What if I did not work until I was officially placed on medical bedrest.”  All answers I know I did the best I physically could, but I see now why moms feel so guilty all the time for feeling like they could do more in any given situation.  I am learning that I am just one person and I am already outnumbered so I need to take a deep breath and just know I am doing the best I can do.  We all are in this family affair.

I have some cute new pics and hopefully in the next few days I will have their newborn pics posted too!  Nothing like birth announcements when they are three months old huh? Again, cut myself some slack when they were in the NICU for six weeks and just now home for about five.  The cute pic above with the Thing 1, 2 and 3 were made by my friend and fellow Pi Phi Tatum Sanders. She makes those and they are darling. Thank you Tatum! Her company is Tater Tots and Firehoses, in case all you mommies are interested (Find her on FB).

Ever wonder how I feed everyone at once? Enjoy those pics!  They have their own cute little monkeys to help them along the way.  May look lazy but that has cut feedings (when I am by myself) down from an hour to about 25 minutes.  Time is everything.  Especially when its about 3:30 p.m. and you have to remind yourself to eat.  Getting out the house is getting easier. Bryan and I are becoming a well-oiled machine.  We even beat everyone to brunch and we had five of us to get ready.  They were so good during our lunch and of course we had the typical, “Oh my gosh, there is three of them!”  I refrain from the comments I think in my head because I know people seem to be fasinated by multiples.  As am I 🙂

Triple the love,


Week Four: And then they smiled…

As I write this post Emily (Miss Em, Emmie Bear, Lil Hornet) is laying on my chest sleeping.  The other girls went down for a nap and Emily is the one who is always afraid she is going to miss something so she has stayed awake.  Again, she is eager..:)  This week has been a dramatic improvement from the last.  The girls crying and upset tummies have been helped with the aid of some new medication and change in formula.  Poor Avery had an allergic reaction to the previous formula and has broken out all over her face.  We hope it heals soon.  In addition to their improvement we hired a gal who is a former OB nurse and has five children of her own which two are a set of twins.  We had to seek relief for our sleepless nights and give our families a break.  She has been wonderful and is really great with the girls.  She won’t be a permanent fixture but will be with us through these next few weeks to help us over the hump!

This week, I am grateful for triple the sideways smiles that are developing, the tiny fingers that wiggle that they are so fasinated by and the ounces upon ounces they continue to gain each day.  All the girls are over six pounds and growing like weeds!  They have all doubled or tripled their birth weight in 10 weeks!!!

One major time saver in my life has been the fact that I am no longer breastfeeding/pumping.  I never thought I would have emotions about not breastfeeding but I did.  From the minute they were born I knew that it was my job to provide them with the best part of me until I was not able to anymore.  I used the six weeks they were in the NICU dedicated to pumping up to eight times a day and stock piled my supply so they would have the best chance possible.  I was able to keep it all up until about a week ago.  They are more active, so I am sleeping less, eating less, thus my supply went way down.  I knew the moments I had in between feedings needed to be dedicated to being healthy myself and that they would be just fine on formula full time.  Although I never really nursed, breastfeeding was something I knew was a God thing for these girls who were premature and I am grateful I could provide for almost 12 weeks.  But, I kiss the pump, sore breasts, and mastitis GOODBYE with a smile on  my face.  I can now replace those moments with a shower instead.  Hahaha.

Last week, I also got out of the house with all the girls on my own.  I went to visit my former co-workers at OERB.  I really missed all the people there and they were looking forward to seeing the girls so I was determined to venture out.  It was helpful to know I would be welcomed with open arms (to carry the car seats that is) so we could enjoy an afternoon visit.  It felt great to have the freedom with the girls and I think we just take more baby steps (no pun intended) to make our lives as normal as possible.

So, with a little more sleep in our lives, babies that are a little more happy and a strong support system that keeps us afloat, I am grateful.  To all the mommies out there for this Mother’s Day I say this..I hope you are honored for the sacrifices you make everyday to put your family first in your life.  I hope your babies’ smile big at you, hug you tight and make everyday worth the next.  So far being a mom is pretty great!  It is a reward to see your babies happy and healthy.  I still stare at Avery, Emily and Camdyn and can’t believe they were inside of me…all at once!  God is an amazing God.  Thank you for the greatest blessings of all.  It makes me appreciate my own mom more and makes me very grateful for a mother-in-law that is so present in my life and the girls. 

Happy Mother’s Day my dear Mommy friends 🙂  I am honored to be in your club!