Happy 12 weeks my baby girls!

Today, the Coy girls are officially 12 weeks old!  Although, nine week premature they really operate like a three week old baby.  They all still look like newborns even though they are growing like crazy!  They are getting cute little chubby cheeks and legs and I love that.  Things seem to be getting better.  There are good days and bad days and we still struggle with nights, but I will gladly give the girls credit for growing, being healthy and doing everything a young lil gal should right now 🙂

I had a wondeful first Mother’s Day on Sunday.  Both of our families got together for brunch and celebrated.  So cool that both families enjoy being bonded by these girls and we can all be together.  I felt so spoiled but heck, I did birth three babies recently that has to count for something right? hahaha.  I have been especially hard on myself lately with the issues the girls have been having.  Wondering things like, “What if I could have carried them longer?,” “What if I could have breastfed longer,”  “What if I did not work until I was officially placed on medical bedrest.”  All answers I know I did the best I physically could, but I see now why moms feel so guilty all the time for feeling like they could do more in any given situation.  I am learning that I am just one person and I am already outnumbered so I need to take a deep breath and just know I am doing the best I can do.  We all are in this family affair.

I have some cute new pics and hopefully in the next few days I will have their newborn pics posted too!  Nothing like birth announcements when they are three months old huh? Again, cut myself some slack when they were in the NICU for six weeks and just now home for about five.  The cute pic above with the Thing 1, 2 and 3 were made by my friend and fellow Pi Phi Tatum Sanders. She makes those and they are darling. Thank you Tatum! Her company is Tater Tots and Firehoses, in case all you mommies are interested (Find her on FB).

Ever wonder how I feed everyone at once? Enjoy those pics!  They have their own cute little monkeys to help them along the way.  May look lazy but that has cut feedings (when I am by myself) down from an hour to about 25 minutes.  Time is everything.  Especially when its about 3:30 p.m. and you have to remind yourself to eat.  Getting out the house is getting easier. Bryan and I are becoming a well-oiled machine.  We even beat everyone to brunch and we had five of us to get ready.  They were so good during our lunch and of course we had the typical, “Oh my gosh, there is three of them!”  I refrain from the comments I think in my head because I know people seem to be fasinated by multiples.  As am I 🙂

Triple the love,


3 thoughts on “Happy 12 weeks my baby girls!”

  1. I love the sock monkey idea! I need to get those for the middle of the night feedings. I’m so impressed you have gotten out with the girlies. We have left 3x and it has been to go to the doctor. You inspire me to, way to go SUPERMOM!!

  2. They are so precious…………..you are truly blessed.
    I would recomend you leave them with Grandma for about a year when they become teen agers. LOL Thanks for sharing with me.

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