I remember…

The girls are 13 weeks today and each day I look at them I am reminded about how far we have come in the past few weeks.  They have been home with us for almost 8 weeks which is longer than they were in the NICU (6 weeks) so I am thrilled.  Although it has been challenging to say the least I know we would not trade it for the world. Here are a few things I remember and reflect on the road traveled and how time goes by so fast.  God places road blocks in our lives to only be rewarded for being steadfast in our faith, patience and grace in times we need it most.  The reward is awesome so far.

-I remember how the dark line on my belly grew and grew as my belly got larger and larger!  Now, that line is almost gone.  Faded away too quickly.

– I remember first seeing my scar after they delivered all the girls from my belly.  Now, a thin line that is only slightly pink and not looking so prominent.

– Dare I say I remember pumping, pumping and more pumping.  Eight times a day and delivering all the milk in tiny little bottles to all the girls in the NICU.  That milk would be given through a feeding tube.  Now, taking bottles like champs and lots of cries when they are hungry!

– I remember staring at them in the incubators in the hospital.  Now, I get to watch them sleep in their cribs.  When they do 🙂

– I remember how tiny they were and how each night when we got a call report from the NICU we would celebrate their “ounces” they have grown.  Just last week, the girls weighed in at 8.1, 8 and 7.5 pounds! Long way from 3.7, 3.2 and 2.11.

– I remember when I was not sure they would know I was their Mommy.  When they did not come home with us after they were born, I felt so empty and not like a new Mom should.  Now, they calm when I hold them, they are starting to smile when I talk with them…I hope they know who I am and what I would do for them.

– I remember the sleepless nights before they were born.  Back ache, belly ache, side ache, all kinds of aches from no sleep and discomfort.  I remember the sleepless nights coming home without them, calling the NICU to check on them and the day after day visiting them in the hospital.  Now, we really don’t sleep!  But, at least the trade off is so much more rewarding.

– I remember the days where it was just Bryan and I.  And now, a family of family.  An awesome family of five.

Here are few pics of the girls from today.  I had to dress them up to document week 13. (Emily – top, Camdyn – Middle, Avery on Bottom)

Triple the love,


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