Resources – How to maximize being a parent of multiples

This post is a little different in nature.  I am hoping that if other moms/dads of multiples google for resources for their kiddos they may find the few things so far that have been the biggest asset to our little family.  I think its my public relations nature to seek out resources and maximize what is available that keep me looking for new and improved ideas, products and overall resources as this journey progresses.  So here goes…

Post Birth of your Multiples

Your babies may or may not have a stay in the NICU.  Unfortunately, our babies were there for almost six weeks.  43 days to be exact. It gave us a  lot of time to tie up loose ends and get the house ready.  We pray that most parents can make the time before babies arrive and not have to experience NICU life.  But, it did give me to time to do the following below:

1. Plan a schedule of help – As much as possible, plan out how you are going to manage multiple children. If you have family, be specific about what your needs are (feeding babies, laundry at your house, running errands).  Family wants to feel needed and as much as you do need babies to be fed and rocked the other things are just as important!  I started a calendar when the girls came home from the NICU and we had a block of almost every three hours covered – through the night too.   If you can afford a night nurse or night help, it is the best investment we have had to date when it comes to expenses! This is the only way we really got sleep these past few weeks.

2. Food – Have a family member or friend set up a care calendar for food.  This was such a blessing! We had meals at least four nights a week from friends and family for almost three months.  When you don’t have to worry about your meal for the evening it is such a relief and a comfort when the days and nights are so long and tough in the beginning.  My sister in law used –

3. Get out of the house! – Even if its for an hour, make time to get help to your house so you can escape for a brief period of time.  Bryan and I were so lucky that we had family that knew it was important for the two of us to take a break and go eat outside of the house or even grab a movie.  It will make you better parents when you return home and you may even feel a  little refreshed!

4. Build a network of other parents of multiples – Join local multiples clubs, look for parents on Facebook, ask friends if they have friends with twins or more…It has been amazing the people I have met with the same experiences as us through the past year.  It really is important to have a network of parents that understand EXACTLY what you are feeling. Sorry singleton moms!  To a degree, your friends with one child at a time understands the normal baby things, but other parents of multiples understand the overwhelming stress and the tools you need to make your household work. It is also helpful to exchange ideas on how you handle feedings, sleeping etc…

And last…..

5. Free Stuff! – There are resources out there for parents of multiples.  I started researching freebies and there are  a lot of companies out there that participate in multiple birth program.  Again, I always learned in PR that you never know if the answer is no until you actually get one 🙂  You may have to wait until after you have received their birth certificates because a lot of companies require proof. Which is really sad that there are imposters out there who claim to have multiples! Seriously!

Here are a few of the resources I have been able to pursue with luck!

Kimberly Clark Corporation

Dept. QMB-016156143A

PO Box 2020

Neenah, WI 54957-2020

-Must send copies of birth certificates

-Huggies etc.

Blairex Laboratories

Attn: Beth Giles

1600 Brian Drive

PO Box 2127

Columbus, IN 47202-2127

(Buttpaste:They sent me three bibs, three tubes of butt paste and three chapsticks for babies.  Also, a bunch of samples with coupons on them)


Look on their website and go under Contact Us and inquire about a multiples program. Let them know you have triplets.

They sent me Gerber onsies and coupons for products up to $10 free.

Triple Paste –

You have to fill out the form online and then send it in with the birth certificates

They do baby creams and ezsema creams etc.

Learning Curve Brands/The First Years

Attn: Multiples Birth Program

2021 9th Street SE

Dyersville, IA 52040


Attn: Multiples Program

1801 Commerce Drive

Piqua, OH 45356

Similac – I sent you the consumer relations number. They will send you a form to select the formula you need and then you send back with their birth certificates.  We were so fortunate to receive a case of formula for each baby!  This was about $350 in formula and the girls are on a very expensive kind right now.  Also, check with your pediatrician.  Ours is a rock star and contacted the Similac rep and we got a case of free sample cans as well!

Playtex – sent us coupons for money off a diaper genie.  But, if you already have one like we do I would not waste your time.

Proctor and Gamble

Consumer Relations

PO Box 599

Cincinnati, OH 45201-0599

(Pampers etc. They sent me a letter and then a multiples program survey to fill out and send back for coupons, samples etc..

Overall, the girls are doing fantastic and growing so much every day.  They smile, laugh and are so frustrated they can’t roll over!  Although we are still not sleeping much, it gets better everyday.  Even the stares at Target are barable 🙂

Triple the love,


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