Happy 1st Father’s Day!


We celebrated Bryan’s first Father’s Day yesterday.  I am sure he felt like I did that you cannot believe that you get to be a part of a day that is just for mommys and daddys, its so cool!  The girls dressed up in their Daddy’s Girl cameo outfits with hot pink tutus.  We had dinner with the Coy family and Bryan got a yummy Boston creame cake and some gifts that I did my best to surprise him with. Bryan’s family is from Ohio and he grew up a huge Ohio State fan so we created a little photo shoot in my living room to capture Daddy’s Lil Buckeyes.  I had it framed really cute with that saying underneath.  He also got a Greg Burns artist rendering of an old wooden oil rig with his company’s name on it and the girl’s name in the sky of the picture. It turned out really neat.

I also played dressed up for the Papa’s with this darling picture below for Father’s Day

Took the girls for their first restaurant outting in Edmond to Interurban and they did great. Slept most of the time 🙂

Hope you had a great day my love.  You are a wonderful daddy!


4 thoughts on “Happy 1st Father’s Day!”

  1. Dad looks wonderful – not to many dad’s have three girls on their first Fathers Day.

    These girls will be clothes horses – beautiful photos – keep;them coming I enjoy them so much

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