Celebrating more multiples and new “firsts” – 18 weeks


This past month, we celebrate welcoming more multiples into our awesome club!  The world welcomed identical twin girls – Harper and Tatum Gaines to parents Zac and Megan.  Megan had a similar situation like me and went into premature labor.  Bryan and I have been praying for these little girls.  They were born at 31 weeks and they are a little under four pounds each.  We know how hard NICU life is and we hope to be able to minister to them during this time.  I can tell her girls are fighters like their mom so I know they are perfect in God’s hand and will be home as soon as they can. It has brought wonderful reminders to show us how far we have come since our girls birth in February. God is so good.

Another welcome is to Ezra and Zane Gore to parents Kirk and Heidi.  They are still in the NICU as well but doing awesome. I know they are anxious for them to come home as soon as possible to Mommy and Daddy and big sister Isabella.

Many of you are probably wondering what is the water! We have a TON of friends who have had multiples this past year.  These precious babies join our friends the Nevels and their twin girls, my friend Erica with twins and another gal from college who just had triplet boys!  We have enough children for a basketball team at this point! Or softball!  It is a blessing to have a close group of people you know who share your experiences.


The girls are 18 weeks this week.  Just two weeks shy of five months and the time is flying by!  We are slowly getting into a groove and somewhat of a schedule which is refreshing. I am trying not to get attached to it because I have heard that once you get comfortable it changes quickly to something new!  I am so proud of these girls.  Here are a few first that I am enjoying in just the past two weeks that make this journey a constant reminder of how lucky we are everyday to have triplets.

We are still attempting to venture out by ourselves to safe places like Target, Lowe’s, and Hobby Lobby.  Places with big aisles and friendly people.  I have come to accept that I will have people who stare, gauk, ask questions or whisper.  My stroller is a scene in itself.  My friend Stephanie even texted me last week and said, “Were you just at Hobby Lobby because the lady in the fabric department said, “We just had triplets in here!”  I laughed…Because yes I was there, but also because my friend Stephanie has twins!


 – Emily was the first to roll over this past week!  She rolled from her back to her stomach. Does not surprise me.  Our little 2 pound miracle has always been eager and anxious from beginning.  We always called her our little fighter and she is not proving us wrong yet.  She is the most content out of the three.  She melts you with her smile.  It almost reminds me of a smile when you know someone is up to something.  Darling none the less, but I have to keep an eye on her 🙂  I had a mommy cry because I missed her first roll over.  I stepped out of the room for two seconds to change my shirt and Bryan witnessed it.  He didn’t understand why I was upset but I am with them all day long and the five seconds I am away it happened. But, it was not much longer that I did get to witness it for myself.

– Camdyn was the second to roll over this week.  She has developed an ear to ear smile that is precious.  You can talk to her and hangs onto your every word and the minute you are finished talking she gives you a huge smile!  Camdyn and Avery look a lot alike right now.  Yes, they all look alike, but Emily and Camdyn are supposed to be the identicals but Cam and Av are showing more similar features.  I am sure it will all change next month.

– Avery was the last to roll over and I missed that one too.  My mother-in-law witnessed that one.  Of coure, the other five seconds I stepped away too….Still have not seen her roll over yet.  Avery has been the first to “Cooo” at me and the first to show me a little laugh.  Its a good little laugh too!  She babbles a little before she laughs and it is so cute.  I feel myself grinning so big when she looks at me like that.

Those are the biggest firsts lately.  They are all sleeping better which is wonderful for Bryan and I.  We are very sad to see our miracle, Shawna, leave us tonight.  She has been so wonderful for the girls and for Mommy and Daddy the past nine weeks.  Like I mentioned before, she is a super mom.  She is only 33 and has five children and drives from Minco to help care for my babies.  But, she has taught us so many things and really helped us in a time where were the most in need.  I am so thankful a mutual friend helped us find her! Tonight, she is here for the last time with her precious six year old who is a little momma helper herself!

All in all, life is sweeter and getting easier everyday if you can imagine.  This family is a blessing and the journey just continues to enrich our lives.

Triple the love,





1 thought on “Celebrating more multiples and new “firsts” – 18 weeks”

  1. Thanks for the “shout out” steph! 🙂
    I am so thankful for you guys and your support. It has been so nice to have someone sending me uplifting messages and being able to ask questions if needed. Love your family!!!! Love, meg

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