Happy 4th from the Coy girls! Red, White and Ha-Chooo!

Our little family unfortunately celebrated the fourth inside all day. One, its too hot for babies outside! Two, several of us are under the weather. Both Camdyn and Emily have a cold and a little cough. We took Emily to the after hours clinic on Saturday along with myself to get checked out. Fortunately, her lungs are clear and there really is not much we can do for them besides steamy showers, humidifer and using saline drops and the aspirator. I am going to call our regular pediatrician tomorrow to see if she recommends anything. For being sickly, they have still been really happy. And…sleeping well! They slept five hours straight and of course Bryan and I did not anticipate they would wake up. But, I am glad they are getting the hang of sleeping longer.

Even with colds and coughs, they still were very patriotic! I can’t believe they will be five months on the 12th. Time is flying by!

Emily at 19 weeks –

Camdyn at 19 weeks

Avery at 19 weeks

3 thoughts on “Happy 4th from the Coy girls! Red, White and Ha-Chooo!”

  1. What blessings! I am loving your blog and I am so proud of you guys! So glad Shawna worked out for you all. Love ya! Lee Anne

  2. Those outfits are to die for!! I must know where you got them. They are sooooo stinkin cute and seriously get cuter by the day. Such big girls! Hope the cold leaves your house soon.

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