My little Rolly Pollies! – 21 weeks

I have been told that I have not blogged in a while, so now that it took me almost an hour to get all the girls down for a nap….here goes.


In the past two weeks it has been a little crazy.  The girls are finally over the little colds and coughs and so am I.  Could have been a lot rougher but we survived.  It was worse that are AC went out, probably with everyone else in the Midwest right now!  We stayed two nights with my in-laws so it was not so bad to have some extra help and extra loving on the girls 🙂  They actually slept pretty well those nights so that was a relief.  The heat has been depressing because I can’t get out with them for walks or anywhere lately.

It is almost like a switch turned on over night!  The girls have gone from being these little stationary things to wildly rolling all over the place!!  At 18 weeks, all three girls were rolling from tummy to their backs.  Now, they just roll back and forth, back and forth – back to tummy and tummy to back.  It is amazing to see how quickly they are developing.  Emily is my little acrobat.  She rolls the most. I joke to say she may be my little cheerleading flyer!  Camdyn is right behind her rolling away and Avery is developing quicker in other ways.  Avery is stronger in her head control and in her legs. She may be the cheerleader who is the strong side base. Haha. She loves it when you hold her hands and stand her on her feet and say, “Big Girl!!!”  She smiles as if she does know she is a big girl 🙂

The girls are also sticking their hands in their mouths alot and drooling!  I am hoping this does not mean they are teething. I hear that some babies just drool a lot, so I hope that is the case for a while.

They are stretching out their nights a little longer.  Not all night and sometimes the first stretch is not the longest, but at least three-four hour stretches which is great.  We are not swaddling like burritos anymore. Still using those little sleepy sacks for comfort.  They are so precious when you see how they comfort themselves. They all have these little positions they slept in.  Each of them does it every night to a “T.” Almost like a sleeping trademark.  I have read a lot of books about sleeping and crying it out or CIO as they use on Mommy Blogs.  I feel pretty strongly. As premies who were not ready for this world, I feel they will sleep through the night on their own time.  They have progressed so well and I don’t feel like pushing it.  Just months ago we were not sleeping at all and now we only get up roughly once a night which is awesome.  I feel like if they are crying at night they are hungry because they are still growing girls so I am not a big proponant of the whole cry it out when they are still so small.

Other fun things that the girls love is when you play Patty Cake with their arms and always do the OSU fight song!  I love to go…OOOOOOOOO….SSSSSSS…..UUUUUUU COWBOYS.  They giggle most of the time when we do that!! So cute.


We went today for an outting to see my buddies at OERB.  For those of you who don’t know, I used to work at OERB until I had the girls.  Best workplace in the world! If I could have balanced it all I would have stayed.  Wonderful gals…and that office.  Last time I took the girls they slept most of the time so they were easily holdable. (If that is a word).  This time I took away two things…One, they are starting to recognize new people and get a little cranky at first and two – it was the first time I felt they knew I was Mommy and felt soothed by me holding them until they were sure.  Sounds silly but sometimes you wonder with new little ones if they really know you.  But, I think they do now!  Thank you girlies for making time for us today.  I miss you guys a lot!


I have people all the time that ask me, “How is it going,” “Is it getting better,” “How do you do it.”  To reflect on those questions I have to say, “Going good, getting better, and…you just do and you don’t think about it.”  It probably is a blessing we had the girls as our first.  I don’t know how I would do this with any more children in my life.  Each day gets a little better as in you know what to expect so it makes things less stressful.  But, like my friend with darling twin girls said, “It gets easier in some ways and “interesting” in others.  She is very right.  The “interesting” in parenthesis can mean good ways and bad ways in my opinion but is a polite way of just putting it out there. Haha.

Our lives have changed so much in such a short time we have just held on to one another for deal life and enjoyed the ride.  Next month, Bryan and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary.  Yes I said…SECOND.  How in the world do you get three kiddos out of two years of marriage?  Duh…  But in all seriousness this experience has blessed us and tested us and we would not have it any other way.

Hope this blog will suffice until we have more to share!

Triple the love,


 Camdyn – Five Months

 Avery – Five Months

 Emily – Five Months

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