The sweet gift of sleep!

Well, our girls are FINALLY sleeping in stretches of five, six, seven and last night eight hours!!!  We cannot believe it.  But, I will tell you that our minds and bodies feel alot better this week because of it.  We have noticed the girls are getting tired a lot earlier so we have tried to implement some type of routine.  After their last feeding around 7:30-8 or so, we put jammies on and go into the “crib room” and turn the Ipod on with sweet baby music, the projector on the ceiling with fun fishy things, turn the fan up a little bit and start the soothing, rocking and a little bit of frustrated crying…the babies that is 😉  They are doing amazing. That’s Miss Avery in the top pic!

The first few nights, we both woke up thinking they would wake up.  I woke up one morning early and said to Bryan, “Oh my gosh, we forgot to feed them.”  He said, “We did feed them and they have been asleep ever since.”  We have been used to having babies who really do not like to sleep much.  This makes for very, very tired parents.  It really goes to show you how premies have an adjustment period.  Now, at almost six months, four months adjusted, they are doing amazing things everyday that just melt our hearts and blow our minds! (Camdyn – left)

Aside from sleep, they are movin’ and groovin’ all over the place!  Here is a funny pic when I found Emily rolling under the glider and peaking out at me in the playroom (right).  They also are drooling ALOT.  We tend to soak our outfits just from sticking our hands in our mouths. Oh, and also sisters’ hands and feets sometimes which is funny.  Avery is the strongest and love to have you hold her (all the time if you could) on her feet. She makes the funny face like she is startled. She makes a big “O” with her mouth that cracks me up. And then she laughs…I love that part.  Camdyn is the type that smiles with her entire face! It is one of my most favorite things about her.  And, Emily is a hoot as you can tell.  She is still our lil Sprite and always has a look like she is up to something to this day….

Here are a few darling (I might say 🙂 ) pics of the girls. I can’t believe they are almost six months old! Time flies…Around makes me sad 😦 But they are beautiful and perfect.

 Avery and Camdyn in the Bumbos

 Emily Ray

  Camdyn Lea

 Avery Lynn

2 thoughts on “The sweet gift of sleep!”

  1. Great blog! These are the things you are going to want to remember. I’m so happy to hear everyone is sleeping more. Your strength is inspiring.

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