Two years + three babies = One beautiful life with my best friend

Just two short years ago, I married my best friend – my hubby.  Our timeline is one that was defiantly chosen by God and the stars had to align all at the right time.  I still feel that way to this day when I see how our life has unfolded.  Some people may say, “How do you get three babies out of two years of marriage?”  Hahahaha.

Bryan and I started dating again about three and half years ago after a seven year hiatus.  Friendship is what kept us together all those years apart and friendship is what makes our marriage work best in my opinion.  We dated for about nine months and got engaged on my 30th birthday, planned a wedding in nine months, we were married for exactly one year…and then….we found out we were pregnant right before we took an anniversary trip to Las Vegas last summer.

Of course, finding out we were pregnant was so exciting and such an awesome and memorable way to remember our first anniversary.  It was August 27th of 2010 that we found out about the girls…all the girls 🙂  Seven and half months after that the girls were here.

We have been tested both physically and emotionally through a lot in our relationship to this point.  Sadly, there is a high divorce rate for couples with multiple.  The stress and the challenges that it takes to raise babies like this I can see why couples face this…But, we have taken each challenge with strength, being partners and friends, and always remembering to laugh in between.  Bryan is truly the first blessing in my life’s journey that I thank God for all the time. I cannot think of another man who I would be on this path with in my life.

Last night, we went to dinner to celebrate early for our anniversary.  We had a wonderful meal, a glass of wine or two and dessert.  We also had drinks with friends who were dining at the same time.  It was quiet and peaceful and….we missed our babies.  We talked about our babies and we even look through pictures on our phone of what our lives looked like just six months ago and how far we have come with the girls.  I think we both felt really proud talking about it and sharing with each other our dreams for their future.

It was funny because after our meal it was only 7:45 p.m. and we said, “They are not even in bed yet, we can’t go home!”  So we had another drink and visited with friends.  When we got home they were sound asleep and slept ALL NIGHT! What a gift!  But, the irony is that we tossed and turned all night.  Maybe we were just out of routine.

Bryan – “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…” Wait a minute, wrong baby 🙂  In all seriousness, you are the greatest gift God has placed in my life -even before the three beautiful angels that are our daughters.  I can’t imagine parenting without you, laughing without you, friendship without you…You make my life rich, happy and whole.  God had a perfect plan for you and I from the beginning.  And just think..He even had the girls planned too.  I can’t wait for 20 more years, raising our family and growing our relationship.  You are my love and a wonderful Daddy. Along side them, we adore you 🙂

Happy Anniversary to my babies’ Daddy!

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