More “firsts” and a day out with Mommy

Here are some pictures from the past week! We had some good “firsts” this week.

One, Avery is getting up on all fours and rocking back and forth.  Watch out people! This girl is going to crawl soon I just know it!  Another first was that the girls tried juice. White grape juice to be exact.  They loved it.  Avery, of course had to be independent and try to hold the bottle herself.  Camdyn took her time to savor it and Emily was too distracted by all the wonderment around her that it takes her a while to finish it.

We are battling little colds again, but at least this time we know what to do and we are all toughing it out.  At least I can give a little Benadryl to help dry them out some and it makes them a little groggy so they rest more peacefully.  They are such warriors!

Here is a cute pic from last with Miss Em.  She accompanied me to meet my friends Janna and Jamie for lunch.  I am working on taking each girl by themselves with me from time to time.  Their whole life will be about being a triplet and always being together so I want to start “trying” to have private time with each of them when I can.  I am biased but she looks so darn cute.  I think Daddy’s response was, “Man, that bow is intense!”  We are still trying to get Daddy acclimated to the bows 🙂

The girls and I also met my friend Sarah and her babies – Miss Hallie and Mr. Rex at Northpark Mall to “walk” inside.  We got stopped every five seconds because our stroller is crazy obnoxious.  But, I enjoyed the older mall walkers that said sweet things like, “How precious, what a blessing,  you are a blessed woman.”  I am sure they snickered with their friends as they walked off and said what they really thought of our madness, but the front was nice 🙂

This week has been better overall besides the colds.  As always, in the days of darks comes light and teaches you something new everyday.  Praise be to God for that…Thank you to my dear friends and family who commented on my last post. I got responses I didn’t imagine or nor do I feel I deserve, I am just trying my best in this world 🙂  I appreciate the uplifting comments and prayers.  We feel so blessed to have a wonderful support system that keeps us uplifting in God’s word, strength and overall support everyday. Much love!

Triple the love,

Stephanie and the girls

4 thoughts on “More “firsts” and a day out with Mommy”

  1. Stephanie: they are gorgeous little girls! I’m impressed you are surviving triplets! Twins was plenty for me!
    Sounds like all is well. When our lives settle down, we have to come see you and your mom and the 3 cuties!
    Much love to you!
    Marjorie and John

  2. Look at those beautiful big girls holding their bottles (and what cool little handle things you have for them)! Can’t wait to see them Monday. I also meant to comment on your last one. I so admire you for your honesty and relate on all levels to many things you said in that post. It’s not an easy ride we’re on, but I’m convinced we are getting stronger every day. And I don’t care what kind of “bad” days you have because you are doing an amazing job with those girls and are such an inspiration to me as a mom. 🙂

  3. Stephanie, I love the way your write and express yourself. I particularly love your love for our Lord. It helps to have Him on your team, doesn’t it. I too am proud of you and how you have handled all your “blessings”. The girls are adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Carolyn Moxley

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