Girls first college football game day

The girls experienced their first college game day!  Although it was not at an actual game, we celebrated in fashion in front of the TV…ALL DAY…in our orange ready to cheer the Cowboys on in spirit.  Uncle Grant gave the girls these cute OSU onsies so we were sporting in style.  Can’t wait for them to wear the little cheerleading outfits.  Yes, we have those ready to wear in the closet.  Camdyn cracks up when I do “O, S, U” with her hands!

  Here is Miss Avery. She always looks so serious in pictures, but she is the first to look at you for approval when she has done something praiseworthy like almost crawl or push herself up really tall.  She also LOVES bananas.  The girls have not liked the rice cereal too much so I tried Gerber banana today.  Avery actually fussed when I took the spoon away.  This is not surprising 🙂  I am so proud of her. She is doing so awesome!

 Camdyn is my gal who smiles from ear to ear!  Just melts your heart.  She also lays on her back and holds her arms up almost to say, “Please pick me up, please pick me up!”  And I do.  She can be the fussiest sometimes, but usually when she is tired.  She goes to sleep the fastest at night and will typically sleep the longest.  Camdyn and Emily are looking more alike everyday.  Camdyn was not a fan of banana.  She acted like it was sour or something. I tried it myself and it was not that great so I don’t blame her.

  And finally, Miss Em.  There is always something about her that just makes me smile.  She always looks like she is up to something.  I am so impressed how she is keeping pace with the other two girls.  Again, Miss Fighter just keeps fighting.  She makes this cute little noise when she is going down for bed.  Its almost a coo but like a sweet little voice that is content and ready for dreamland.  So sweet.

And to wrap it up, I’d love to post some of the more recent funny comments I have received from onlookers of the triplets when we are out in public.  My favorite as of lately is:

Lady in Store: “Wow, triplets?”

Me: “Yes”

Lady in Store: “Girls?, Boys?”

Me: What I wanted to say – “Doesn’t the hot pink hair bows and pink stroller covers give it away?” – What I really said, “All girls”

Lady in Store: “Are they identical?  These two look identical.” – pointing to Avery and Camdyn.

Me: “I get that alot, but actually these two are identical” – pointing to Em and Cam.


Lady in Store: “Are you sure? Did you watch them cut the cord?”

Me: Stunned. “Well, I am very sure.  I had ultrasounds every two weeks so we always knew who was who…” What I wanted to say – “I was drugged and cut open having three babies, so NO I did not see them cut the cord.  Or, I watched three heartbeats in two different sacks in my tummy for seven and half months, YES, I am sure who my daughters are…”

All in all, I was polite but the celebrity of being mom of multiples practices your patience 🙂  But, I understand the curiosity.

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day…as we continue to Labor 🙂

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