A week of crawling, crafts, modeling and supporting good causes!

News flash! We have crawlers! Well, army crawlers that is. Avery took off after my shoe the other day and I could not believe what I was seeing.  I did a double take and then grabbed my phone to video her doing it again.  It was awesome to see her be so determined and just go for it!  Then I looked at her and thought, “How can I pause this moment and make it last forever?”The first of many I am sure.  Camdyn is not far behind and Emily is rocking back and forth on her knees.  This ballgame just got taken to a whole new level people.

This week, we also had our twin friends over for a craft party.  I know, you are thinking how do you do crafts with five babies?  Well, thanks to my new obsession Pinterest, we found an adorable project with babies’ hands.  They cried and cried having their hands in the paint.  I think when they are older they will go nuts with it. Bottom line I think we planned this right around nap time so they were crashing down just as we started.  But, the project turned out adorable.  I used one canvas and made each of my girl’s hands a different color.

Also this week we had one of our local papers, Edmond Life and Leisure, do a follow up story on the girls.  They were modeling clothes from an Edmond children’s store called Cinnamon Bears.  The picture is so cute.  That is why I used it at the top there!!!  The reporter said the issue should be out in the Home edition next month.  This was such a cool opportunity to tell our story and update on the girls progress.

Lastly, I would like to say a special thank you to the Gensch family for sending our girls precious t-shirts from their foundation.  Here is a pic of the girls.  One of Bryan’s good friends Ben Gensch and his family tragically lost their sister/daughter to colon cancer in her early twenties.  I know, you are thinking…Early twenties?  Her name was Glory Gensch.  She was beautiful and I hear wonderful stories about the type of young woman she was.  One thing that came out of this struggle for this family was an awesome foundation called Race Charities. This foundation helps educate people about early dedication of cancer and puts on races across the country to raise funds.

Ben’s mother, Cindy Gensch, wrote us an incredible card that describes our girls as Baby Warriors in Christ.  It really was a powerful message from a mother who doing so much good to make sure the honor of her daughter Glory lives on.  Thank you Cindy for including my daughters in the presence of “Glory.”  They wear their shirts proudly for you!  Check out their foundation at www.racecharities.org

Triple the love,

The Coys

1 thought on “A week of crawling, crafts, modeling and supporting good causes!”

  1. Awww your tutu turned out so cute! I can’t wait to hang mine! Love seeing those BIG, sweet girls. Can’t wait for our next adventure! And how fun ya’ll were in a magazine. Can’t wait to see it!

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